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The EUR/USD Decreases as FOMC Starts-Off Session

The EUR/USD dropped advance of of tomorrow’s speech from the Federal Reserve. The Fed start-off its two consecutive day policy session today and will release its verdict tomorrow. The currency pair was also affected by concerns of the alleged Brexit. Retail sales increased 0.5% in May, a little more than specialists had anticipated (0.4%) although slower than the April’s 1.3% estimate of expansion. (Event A on the chart.) Import and export…

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The Weekly Foreign Exchange Technical Breakdown (June 13-June 17)

Learn the weekly forex technical breakdown for the days between June 13th to June 17th 2016; The EUR/USD The GBP/USD The USD/JPY The EUR/JPY The GBP/JPY      

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RBA Verdict Assists The Aussie Establish Ground

The most current verdict from the Reserve Bank of Australia is assisting the Aussie today. Furthermore, anticipations for a revised economy are assisting the Down Under currency creating some stomps in contrast to its main counterparts. The RBA settled to maintain on interest rates today, frustrating some Foreign exchange traders and specialists who had been anticipating for additional appeasing after the previous month’s interest rate deduction.…

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The EUR/USD Exchanging in a Comparatively Narrow Extent

The EUR/USD was exchanging in a comparatively narrow extent concurrently with an activity of the previous two trading periods as traders progressed to contemplate in reverse of an interest rate increase from the Federal Reserve. Yesterday’s announcement of Fed chief Janet Yellen provided no transparency to the controversy. The ongoing trading week is to some extent bright on economic info, signifying that the currency pair may have problems in constituting…

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