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The internet has allowed almost everybody on the planet to engage in forex trading. One market opens right after another close. Sometimes trading hours of individual markets overlap, which means that people can trade anytime of the day and wherever they are. Forex trading strategies are vital in trading currencies as it gives you an objective to aim for. You can trade any currencies you want and have a good chance to earn. There is only one condition that you know about the currencies you plan to market.
There are more than 60 currency pairs in the global forex trading system. It goes without saying that success in forex can come only from one thing – you are familiar with how currency moves. Familiarizing yourself with this is not difficult, of course, since currency movements follow established rules. But selecting which to trade from the 60 without having complete knowledge about them is an excellent formula for throwing money away.

To succeed in global forex trading you are going to need good forex trading strategies, there should be a preparatory phase where the focus is on getting as much knowledge as possible about currencies, specifically the economies of countries which issue them. You need in- depth research for this. The size of the economy, economic conditions, economic and political policies of countries exerts pressure the value of their respective currencies. Some currencies will move faster than others and identify the ones that do is a good starting point in your forex trading education. You know, naturally, that exchange rate fluctuations are the primary sources of trading opportunities and earnings.
After identifying the tradable currency pairs, the next step is to understand forex trends, forex indicators and get acquainted on some trading strategies. Here at, We break down some of the most popular forex trading strategies in an easy and straightforward way to understand. We use graphs and show you step by step how to go about in implementing the strategies in real time.

The Simple Foreign Exchange Trading Strategy with QQE Oscillator

The simple foreign exchange trading strategy with QQE Oscillator is a basic technique that involves following trend. It can be utilized by any forex traders to achieve gains. The strategy comprises of an exponential moving average and a custom built oscillator for exchange entry. Features 1. 100 period exponential moving average and QQE (oscillator) are…

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Slow Moving Averages (SMA) Crossover Foreign Exchange Trading Strategy

The slow moving averages (SMA) are established of three easy moving averages. It does not require active technique for monitoring and maintenance. You just need to observe your charts at the end of each bar. Features 1. Thirteen simple moving average (13 SMA), twenty six simple moving average (26 SMA) and one hundred simple moving…

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The Simple Foreign Exchange Pivot Points Trading Strategy

The Daily poins.ex4 indicator can be utilized to establish several exchanging strategies. The technique utilized the blue pivot line as the focal point of the exchange. Features The daily pivot points.ex4 indicator with default settings is the only MetaTrader 4 indicator required. The recommended time frame for trading with this technique is one hour. Applicable…

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The Munyuk Foreign Exchange Trading Strategy

The Munyuk foreign exchange trading strategy is a simple and easy technique that can be utilized to deliver consistent gains within market exchanging hours. It’s an intraday exchanging system that seeks to achieve gains within the daily exchanging cycle. This trading strategy uses signals from all three indicators for purchase and auction entries. Features 1.…

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