The US GDP Adjusted Higher while the EUR/USD Still Decreasing to Downside

The EUR/USD decreased today after the positive adjustments of the first quarter’s USA gross domestic product (GDP). The negative adjustment of the consumer conception indicator did less to cease the decrease. At the moment, traders pause for the dialogue of Fed spokesperson Janet Yellen due on 17:15 GMT.

US GDP increased 0.8% in Q1 2016 according the initial (second) projection, matching forecasters’ predictions accurately. That is in comparison to the early projection of 0.5% and the earlier quarter’s progress of 1.4%. (Event A on the chart.)

Michigan Sentiment Index increased from 89.0 in April to 94.7 in May according to the adjusted account but was beneath the initial rate of 95.8 and the prediction rate of 95.7. (Event B on the chart.)

The US GDP Adjusted Higher while the EUR USD Still Decreasing to Downside

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