This technique includes scalping off one minute chart with the twelve foreign exchange scalping system. It is an easy technique that comprises of trending indicator and an oscillator. No complex charts!


  1. 144 period exponential moving average and schaff trend cycle with default settings are the only indicators required while utilizing this trading system
  2. The recommended time frame is one minute.
  3. London and US are the endorsed trading sessions for this trading technique.
  4. Works best on medium volatility currency pairs such as the USD/JPY, EUR/USD, GBP/USD and AUD/USD.

The USD/JPY One Minute Scalping Instance

The chart below is an instance of two successful short exchanges on the USD/JPY one minute time frame. The 144 EMA and Schaff oscillator decreases back beneath the one hundred levels. Observe at the moment with twelve pips (at least) price target.


Purchase Rules

  1. Price has to exchange higher up the 144 EMA (bullish trend).
  2. Schaff trend go across oscillator back higher up 0.00 after spreading to 0.00 first (oversold level).

This is your purchase entry.

Position a stop-loss two pips beneath the most current support level.

For price target, aim twelve pips, or even more.

Auction Rules

  1. Price has to exchange beneath 144 EMA (bearish trend).
  2. Schaff trend go across oscillator back beneath one hundred after spreading to one hundred first (overbought level).

Auction the pair at this moment and position the stop-loss two pips higher up the most current resistance level.

For price target, aim twelve pips or more.

Danger-SignUtilize this strategy at your own risk. cannot be responsible for any losses associated with utilizing any strategy presented on the site. It’s not recommended to utilize this strategy on the real account without testing it on demo first.



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