The Buy-and-Hold (B&H) forex trading strategy is very common in the stock market but is frequently regarded useless or even risky in the financial market. While there are positive limitations to utilizing buy-and-hold trading strategy in the foreign exchange market in comparison to equity markets, it is a reasonable technique, which would suit to majority of forex traders or investors.

B&H consists of two main phases. The first one is a course of selecting and purchasing one currency with another. The second phase of buy-and-hold is a holding timeframe of a few years for the purchased currency rate to increase in contrast to the currency sold. Even though there is only “buy” in the label of this strategy, buy-and-hold traders are not defined to long side of the exchanges. Short selling performs fairly well in the financial exchange market.

The key dispute of the analysts, who oppose buy-and-hold in financial exchange trading, is that currencies need the key asset of the stocks. Whereas firm’s value may ascend hundreds percent up as outcome of some major event (for example: entering new markets, successful invention, lack of competition, etc.), currencies can’t exchange in contrast to each other in the same way. The only situation being third world currencies depreciate quickly due to some financial or political anxiety.


  1. Long-term gain potential.
  2. Exchanges with clear overnight interest value payments yield additional gain.
  3. “Set-and-forget” exchanging style.
  4. Negative interest value can be a dangerous problem.
  5. No precise entry/exit criteria.
  6. Demands a lot of patience (especially if swaps are negative).
  7. Broker should be certain enough to endure for years.

How to Exchange

  1. The selection of a currency pair acts an important role in B&H strategy. Exquisitely, a currency pair should pay affirmative swaps in the movement of the exchange. But that part can be neglected if unfavorable swap is negligible in comparison to the anticipated log-term gain.
  2. Essential factors should be of high preference here. Long-term intellections, such as universal sentiments, trends in jobless estimates and central bank policies could serve as an alarm.
  3. A B&H positions should be established either at minimal bargaining chip or with adequate free margin locked in the foreign exchange account to prohibit stop-loss or even margin call.
  4. Trade timing, nevertheless can be utilized to accomplish some additional favorable circumstance, it is not as crucial as in the convectional forex trading. Procrastinating for a pull-back to happen can cost the overall exchanging opportunity and should be deliberated only in special scenarios.
  5. A long timeframe of waiting should be exploited. It is not remarkable for the foreign exchange buy-and-hold positions to endure for years and even decades.
  6. Exiting a B&H exchange is even complex than entering. Exquisitely, a long-term currency investor concludes such positions only when there is a necessity for capital or market circumstances have adjusted dramatically. Instead, buy-and-hold position can be ended when some immense gain aim or an unacceptable level of loss is stretched.


The Buy and Hold Forex Trading Strategy

The instance illustrates USD/RMB (USD/CNY, US dollar vs. the Chinese Yuan) currency pair. Which was? And even is, in long-term downtrend gratitude to the unfavorable US exchange balance with China and gradual reassessment of Yuan by the People’s Bank of China. Not only a long-term venture capitalist would gain from a roughly fixed currency decrease, but he would also gain greatly from the positive distinction in the midst of Chinese interest estimate and low rate utilized by the Federal Reserve.

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