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The Weekly Foreign Exchange Technical Breakdown (Jun 6 — Jun 10)

Learn the weekly forex technical breakdown for the days between June 6th to June 10th 2016; The EUR/USD The GBP/USD The USD/JPY The EUR/JPY The GBP/JPY    

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The Commodities Technical Breakdown For The Days Between June 6th-June 10th

The technical breakdown, that comprise the indexes’ info and main pivot points for WTI Oil, Gold, Silver and Copper as exchanged on spot market for the days between June 6th to June 10th 2016; The Crude Oil Indexes Crude oil indexes as of June 4th 2016; Gold Indexes Gold Indexes as of June 4th 2016; Silver Indexes Silver Indexes as of June 4th…

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The South Africa Maintains Investment Grade, USD/ZAR Decreases

The South African rand increased more than 3% in contrast to the US dollar today as Standard & insolvent’s preserved the nation’s credit rating at a venture grade. The horrible employment report from the US also assisted the rand to profit on the greenback. The S&P preserved South Africa’s dominant rating at BBB-, although with negative display. Before the news, majority of the economists had been worried that the department…

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The EUR/USD Increases 1.6% After The NFP Shock Market

The EUR/USD increased today after the announcement of US nonfarm payrolls. The report was not just bad than predicted, it simply distressing, displaying the smaller enrollment advancement since the end of 2010. Most other indexes announced during the trading period were not that awful, but they were dominated by the extreme announcement. Respectively of that,…

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