Crypto Rocket Pro is an automated trading platform for cryptocurrency contracts on metatrader. This AI crypto trading robot would be suitable to a who wants consistent profit at a reduced risk. The Cryptocurrency robot will be hlpful to a trader when monitoring the crypto market, tracking the market’s performance, and most importantly build a portfolio strategy.

Product: Crypto Rocket Pro

Product Type: Trading Robot

Price: USD 397

Official Site:

Merchant: Paypal

Trial: 7 Days money back guarantee

Demo 1 week Test : 97% accuracy


Every time we announce a new fully tested system, there is always the question that follows: ‘does this work with cryptocurrency’. Whereas, many MT4 and MT5 traders don’t wish to venture to crypto currency trading they dont mind trading the crypto contracts.

What does this mean?

See, when one is trading Gold Spot or XAUUSD it doesn’t mean that actual gold is purchased and sold on behalf of a trader. These are just contracts based off of real gold prices. The same way brokers are now allowing for trading contracts for major crypto currency coins.

The New Gold Spot with Winning Streaks

Crypto contracts are the new Gold Spot of 2010/2015. I remember sometimes in December 2013 to April 2014 as a tme when I would have a winning streak of XAUUSD, some 37 trades all winners.. the account doubled, tripled. I withdrew all my deposits and continued to multiply the reinvested profit. It was beautiful and money flowed like straight from a dreamland.

Every two to three years, there is always a ‘gold’ instrument that gives the magic and gives hope to trading again. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, trading crypto instruments in the new gold.

I have been holding on for a while before I could review a product that captures the huge transforming crypto moves and I think now it’s the right time to trade and the right tools are now fully refined.

Introducing, Crypto Rocket Pro Trading Robot

Crypto Rocket Pro Trading Robot BTCUSD Signal

It’s easy to capture a screen grab like the one above and show how some pips can be gained. How about a dedicated account that this robot is trading? Yes, there is a dedicated Myfxbook account showing the exact trades taken and closed by this robot. Here is the history for your perusal. The currenct results are averaging 3% to 5% average weekly absolute growth.

Verdict: Here is an opportunity to make money that you may easily withdraw into fiat. You don’t need Bitcoin wallets, understanding the block chain and other complex terms. All you need is your regular Metatrader account with your choice broker and this robot will do the rest.

Purchase it today and in 7 decide if it’s for you or not.. If yes, then let the AI bot continue to print money on your metatrader account and you’ll be glad you did.

Mike N
Mike N

Financial Trading Systems Design Expert

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