The Darvas foreign exchange indicator for MetaTrader 4 is an exchanging strategy that was established in 1956 by Nicolas Darvas, an Ex-ballroom dancer. His exchanging ideology is clear, just purchase into stocks that are exchanging at new peaks. This ideology can be utilized to any other financial asset such as commodities, currencies, and so forth.

A Darvas box is created when the price of a currency pair blows up past the prior high but decreases back to an index not far from that peak. The ideology behind the Darvas box is mostly a momentum strategy.


  1. The forex indicator can be utilized in any currency pairs.
  2. The recommended platform is MetaTrader 4.
  3. Variable (), Colors, width & Style are the endorsed customized options.
  4. The recommended time frame is five minutes, fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, one hour, one day, one week or one month.
  5. Chart pattern indicator and momentum are the endorsed types for this forex indicator.

Instance Chart


The darvas indicator utilizes fundamental analysis and momentum model to identify when to position or exit an exchange, and it also utilizes basic analysis to describe the asset to purchase or auction.

This explains that the Darvas box helps traders determine price to position or exit an exchange. It is frequently an indication of a break when price breaks external of the Darvas box.

The Darvas theory is established to observe for indications that a currency is ready to make a firm move. The possibility of a huge move is described by a momentous volume rise. Once a limited volume increase is identified a confined price scope Darvas box is established.

The floor of the box serve as the asset low, while the top of the box serve as the asset’s high. A trader is anticipated to enter a purchase when price breaks through the top of the box, while an auction is positioned when price breaks beneath the bottom of the Darvas box.

Danger-SignUtilize this forex Indicator at your own risk. cannot be responsible for any losses associated with utilizing any forex indicator presented on the site. It’s not recommended to utilize this indicator on the real account without testing it on demo first.



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