Product: Delta Star Trading SystemDelta Star Trading System

Product Type: Trade Alert Software (MT4)

Time Frame: Long and Short timeframes

Strategy: Trend and Intraday

Best Pairs: All Currency Pairs

Price: $ 299 USD 87.00

Official Site: CLICK HERE  (opens in new tab)

Merchant: Paypal

Trial: 7 Days money back guarantee

Demo Forward Test results: 79% accuracy

Recommended Broker (International Traders)

Recommended Broker (USA Traders) FXChoice

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Delta Star trading system is a one of a kind all in one solution to making profits in forex, stocks, binary options and more.
Delta Star Trading System identifies trend, momentum in the market and presents signals accordingly.
It’s suitable for all styles of traders, Long Term, Short Term, Scalpers and more, this ability is brought about by Delta Star Trading system to work seamlessly on all time frames and on all currency pairs.

In our experience using the software, we’ve found it easy to use, making it suitable for experienced and rookie traders. Alerts are given by the software so there is No extra calculation or chart study is required. It has confirmations from accurate methodologies that we have seen work in other successful systems.

Delta Star Trading System Trading Package

Inside the Delta Star Trading System zipped package there are Four “EX4” files and Two TPL files(templates):

  1. Alert 3 Indicator V2
  2. Delta Star Confirmation
  3. Delta Star High-Low
  4. Delta Star Pipe


  1. Delta Star Long-Term
  2. Delta Star Short-Term

There is also a user guide that comes along in the package that you will find useful in the installation process.

When to Enter a Trade

The software posts an alert and directional entry arrow. The signals are live, its therefore recommended to enter a trade as soon as possible.

If you find that time has passed after the signal was posted.. Then kindly checked if the price has moved an extra bar. If it has moved then don’t enter that trade.

For example, If you have loaded the template on a M30 time frame on a pair and a signal appears, make sure you enter the trade within 30 minutes from the time the signal was posted.

delta star trading system signalsImportant:
For time frames M30 and below, use Delta Star Short-Term Template

For time frames H1 and above, use Delta Star Long-Term Template

Best Time to Trade

During our test we found more trades, nearly 70% happened during the London and NewYork Sessions. We also got some good trades during during Tokyo and Sydney Sessions.

Profit Targets

On the user guide there is a table showing recommended Take Profit and Stop Loss levels for respective time frames. During our test we used a trailing stop to move price past break even and adjust the take profit level upwards to capture more profit, where the Trend persisted.

Our Thoughts

Delta Star Trading System is suitable for traders who want to explore more methodologies and find out what works for them. This is made possible by its extreme flexibility to work with any currency pair, commodity or stock. If you have ever wanted to trade XAUUSD (Gold Spot) then this system gives you that chance..

This system will definitely expand your ability and scope as a trader, we recommend all adventurous traders to download a copy click here

Download DeltaStar Trading System

Feel Free to share your experience with Delta Star Trading System using the comment form below..

  • Ease of Use
  • Does NOT repaint
  • Signal Accuracy

Mike N
Mike N

Financial Trading Systems Design Expert

    2 replies to "Delta Star Trading System Review"

    • Arunas Bliuvas


      I want to buy your Delta Star Trading System, but I want to know that I will be able to get my money back if I do not like your system.


      • Jeremy Goodman

        Hello Arunas,
        the vendor of the system only has 7 days guarantee.. which would include 5 days of active trading.. This is sufficient time to decide if this is your kind of system or not.
        Payments are processed through paypal, a reputable payments company..

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