The disparity index foreign exchange indicator for MetaTrader is a high-tech momentum that connects market price to a specific time moving average of the price in the current market. Chartist tends to utilize the disparity indicator as a mechanism to highlight signals of trend firm and the probability of a forthcoming exhaustion.

Other forex traders and forecasts utilize the Disparity Index as a mechanism for identifying oversold and overbought domains for a specific asset.

An asset is known to be overbought when the price level generates an amount that is greater than or equal to the upper destined level, and it is known to be oversold when the price level returns an amount that is lower than the lower destined level.


1. The indicator can be utilized on any endorsed currency pairs.

2. The recommended platform is MetaTrader 4.

3. Variable (DispPeriod), Colors, width & Style are the only customized options to be utilized in this foreign exchange indicator.

4. Chart window indicator and momentum oscillator are the only types to be utilized.

Instance Chart


The Disparity price level indicator is established on the correlation in the midst of a recent exchanging price and its most current closing price. Just like any other momentum indicators, the Disparity_Index indicator is frequent appropriate when utilized forth with other mechanisms when a trader is trying to identify potential reversals or validate a trend.

The price of a currency pair may increase or decrease rapidly within minutes, if not seconds. The Disparity_Index indicator is established to assess just what is tagged too intense of an increase or decrease, providing clarity in a condition that might otherwise be recognized as random.

This exchanging indicator speculates that prices are unstable to obsessive sessions of purchasing or auctioning, even within a trend. The Disparity_Index indictor can be utilized to array for continuance pattern during short term or a total adjustment in trend in the long term.

Danger-SignUtilize this forex Indicator at your own risk. cannot be responsible for any losses associated with utilizing any forex indicator presented on the site. It’s not recommended to utilize this indicator on the real account without testing it on demo first.



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