E-Swing Jackhammer Forex System ReviewProduct: E-Swing Jackhammer Forex System

Product Type: Trade Alert Software/ Manual System

Price: USD 49.99

Official Site: www.ElementForex.com/esjjv.html

Merchant: Paypal

Trial: 7 Days money back guarantee

Demo Forward Test results: 78.6% accuracy

Broker (International Traders) XM.com

Broker (USA Traders) FXChoice

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E-Swing Jackhammer Forex System is a trade alert software. This means the system has a combination of indicators that work on the background and print trade recommendations through a template on your selected chart and preferred time frame.

We got a review copy of the E-Swing Jackhammer Forex System and we run various tests on a demo account for a couple of days. The results were varied depending on the timeframe selected and whether a pair was trending or ranging..

Our best results were on H1 and H4 time frames where we had all trades close at a profit.

Take Profit and StopLoss for E-Swing Jackhammer Forex System..

The following are the recommended Take profit and Stop Loss levels based on time frame.

M1 – Stop-Loss at 4 pips and Take Profit at 5 pips.
M5 – Stop-Loss at 6 pips and Take Profit at 8 pips.
M15 – Stop-Loss at 9 pips and Take Profit at 16 pips.
M30 – Stop-Loss at 13 pips and Take Profit at 16 pips.
H1 – Stop-Loss at 17 and Take Profit at 22 pips.
H4 – Stop-Loss at 24 and Take Profit at 30 pips.
D1 – Stop-Loss at 47 pips and Take Profit at 70 pips.
W1 – Stop-Loss at 117 pips and Take Profit at 197 pips.
D30 – Stop-Loss at 298 pips and Take Profit at 519 pips.

Picking the BEST Trades for E-Swing Jackhammer Forex System

There are 5 custom indicators inbuilt for E-Swing Jackhammer Forex System

  1. AutoproEMA-1 -This arrow based indicator is ideal for confirming entries when combined with other
    tools. Most traders tend to enter the market when an arrow is shown. With the AutoproEMA-1, it is
    strongly recommended to enter on the second candle after the arrow. The reason is, you need to be as
    sure as possible that the market is indeed wanting to go in your favored direction and avoid being in a
    “whiplash” situation.
  2. CenOG – This tool is effective for “Trend Trading” and even “Range Trading”. It is similar to common
    indicator known as “Bollinger Bands”, but this one is more unique. It is not only cleaner to look at, but it
    gives you more points of entry and exits. When the market touches the red line, this indicated that the
    market has reached a peak and one must look to sell. Similarly, if the market has hit the green line, one
    must look to buy. No matter which trade is being taken, the 3 purple lines are your target points.
  3. Colorsto – a very unique indicator, which identifies probable reversals in the market. The only
    time you should enter a sell, is when the red line, is on the high side between 90 and 100 and to enter a
    buy, the green line should be on the low side of between 0 and 15. Only if the lines are in these ranges,
    can they be identified as overbought or oversold
  4. Shi-ChanT – This tool is similar to CenOG. It outlines channel peaks while projecting straight lines. Using it
    is simple. When the market has hit the top line, it is in the “Sell-Zone” and when the market has hit the
    bottom line it is in the Buy-Zone”. The dotted middle line should be your maximum take profit point.
  5. Shi-ST – Much like the AutoproEMA-1, this indicator can be used for confirming trades. When a Blue or
    Green dot shows, that signals a buy trade and when a Red dot shows, that signals a sell however you do
    NOT enter on the same candle as the dot, you must wait for that candle to end and enter on the second
    one. Do not use this indicator alone! Use it in combination with at least 3 of the indicators in this

 E-Swing Jackhammer Forex System trade exampleShould You Buy E-Swing Jackhammer Forex System?!

using E-Swing Jackhammer Forex System is extremely easy for newbies especially when they make use of the given template.. Advanced traders can use Individual indicators Inside the E-Swing Jackhammer Forex System to combine with their current trading methodologies.

Well, there is no system that guarantees freedom from losses.. but a system that wins more than it losses and you can end up with 30 to 100 pips daily.. is worth every traders’ consideration.

Get your copy of E-Swing Jackhammer Forex System and rock the forex world with cumulative average wins that will eventually break bank  >> GET IT NOW <<

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  • Ease of use
  • Signal Accuracy
  • Does NOT repaint
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