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Product Type: Fantastic Signal Generating System

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Demo Forward Test results: 81.3% accuracy

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Understanding ElelmentFX Forex Trading System

ElementFx is a price action based strategy that combines the power of two custom indicators Fire_Signal and Rock_Signal. The Fire_Signal gives a heads-up  to prepare for a possible trade opportunity, while the Rock_Signal gives the second confirmation to enter a trade in the NEXT Candle.

The Fire Signal will look like this

ElementFX Fire Signal

It will consist of 3 types of squares.
The red squares are average, the blue squares are strong, and the yellow‘s are VERY strong.
What they point out are reversal points.
If a yellow square has shown means there is a much greater and sooner chance of reversal than that of the red and blue. But this does NOT mean that you don’t trade the brown and maroon squares. If you want to be safe, and if you intend to hold on to your trade, then only trade the yellow squares.
As you can see, there is a message at the top. Currently it says “Get Ready”. So if you want to use this properly, then you must only enter a trade when the message says “SELL NEXT CANDLE” or “BUY NEXT CANDLE”. you can also have the software alert you with a window sound popup by setting the SOUND ALERT to TRUE. Once you have entered your trade based on that, you must know when to exit and keep your stop-loss. If you go into the indicator properties, scroll down until you see the option SHOW.SUPRESLINES3 and set it to “TRUE”. It will then project strong price levels which
are the most common take profit and stop-loss points that most traders us
The Rock Signal

Element FX Rock SignalBefore entering a BUY trade, wait for the market to hit the white line and then enter when it hits the Green line. You will also get a message saying Buy Now! And this same concept goes for the SELL. Wait for the market to hit the white line and then enter when the market touches the Red line. You will see a Sell Now! Message.

High recommendation: Only Trade in the direction in which the D1 and H1 is indicating.

 Important: Please note the best signal has a double confirmation, you must make sure that the market has hit the top or bottom line before going long or short on the green or red line.
The software has a graphical user guide, we recommend trading on Demo for a couple of days until you get used to it.
When you familiarize yourself with this system it will be a no brainer and in the snap of a finger you’ll be able to identify multiple profitable trade opportunities.

Element FX Rock Signal Advance Use

This software has a feature called iPipsTrigger which should be adjusted accordingly based on the time frame you wish to trade.

Element FX iPipsTrigger

Combine Fire Signal and Rock Signal Indicators

Now you can combine both the Rock and Fire signal.
Remember that they both provide separate signals. The Fire Signal is a safer signal to trade. Why? Because its giving you an entry based on AFTER the markets reversal signal whereas the Rock Signal isgiving you a “bounce” which is primarily for scalping.
You will see that the Fire Signal says “Short or Long on the next bar” rather than short or long on the current bar. If
your a new trader, you might not know what all this means, but as you start trading,you will learn as you go along..
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