The EUR/USD dropped advance of of tomorrow’s speech from the Federal Reserve. The Fed start-off its two consecutive day policy session today and will release its verdict tomorrow. The currency pair was also affected by concerns of the alleged Brexit.

Retail sales increased 0.5% in May, a little more than specialists had anticipated (0.4%) although slower than the April’s 1.3% estimate of expansion. (Event A on the chart.)

Import and export prices illustrated a steady profit in May. Import prices increased 1.4% against the prediction rise of 0.8% and the last month’s profit of 0.7% (adjusted positively from 0.3%). Export prices increased 1.1% after increasing 0.5% in April. (Event A on the chart.)

Business inventories were high 0.1% in April. That is in comparison to the anticipated rise of 0.2% and the March’s adjusted growth by 0.3%. (Event B on the chart.)

The EUR USD Decreses as FOMC Starts-Off Session

Mike N
Mike N

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