The EUR/USD was increasing today and at the moment struggling to increase even higher. The US report announced over the trading period was diverse, with manufacturing indexes being pretty amazing while construction spending being at a great distant worse than predictions.

Regularly altered Markit manufacturing PMI decreased just slightly from 50.8 in April to 50.7 in May according to the closing interpretation of the account. Specialists had anticipated the indicator to prevail at its initial rate of 50.5. (Event A on the chart.)

Market specialist also anticipated ISM manufacturing PMI to be at 50.5% in May. Yet in deed the ratio increased to 51.3% from 50.8% in April. (Event B on the chart.)

Construction spending decreased as much as 1.8% in April from March while analysts had anticipated a rise by 0.5%. On a positive mark, the March account received a great positive adjustment from 0.3% to 1.5%. (Event B on the chart.)

The EUR USD Sessions While still Struggles to Increase Even Higher

Mike N
Mike N

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