In this Review we are focusing on Forex Freedom System built on a strategy that combines Price Action and Trend Following strategies.

Forex Freedom System DownloadProduct: Forex Freedom System

Author: Jeremy Goodman

Product Type: a) Signal Alert Software and trade manager EA b) fully automated robot

Price: Original Price a) Manual $147 b) Robot $197

Periodical Discounted Price:  a) Manual $87 b) Manual+Robot ($147)

Official website: Click Here (this takes to special offer page – see if discounts are still valid)

Merchant: Paypal

Trial: 60 Days money back guarantee

Performance on Live results: 73.76% accuracy (mathematical minimum for a successful system is 61% win rate)

Recommended Broker (International Traders)

Recommended Broker (USA Traders) FXChoice

BONUS: Price Prediction Strategy Video “Check it Out..

Forex Freedom System is one of the proven trading systems that we have seen stand the test of time for the last Five years.  It’s hard to come across a system that does well in all market conditions despite recent major shocks like the “Trump Effect”, “Brexit” and so on. Forex Freedom System has shown tremendous results in trending and shaky market conditions.

Forex Freedom System - Signals by Pair

“How a Buy or Sell Trade is Generated by Forex Freedom System..

Indicators:  The strategy is using Different Moving Averages available on metatrader and combines with our a custom indicator that is 100% Pure Price Action. The algorithm works in reference to High and Low wicks on Candles

Strategy for Buy Signal: if all Forex_Freedom_Indicator_1 are Green and Slope for Moving Averages above zero, we put buy

Strategy for Sell Signal: if all Forex_Freedom_Indicator_1 are Red and Slope for Moving Averages below zero, we put sell

NOTE: the custom indicator Forex_Freedom_Indicator_1 is using different Periods to find a strong trend.

Many times, traders write to us and say.. why don’t we just recommend one system that works and stick to it. That would make life easy for everyone right?

The truth of the matter is there are am many good systems out there as there are traders..  For example, every trader has their own unique situation: their level of proficiency, the amount of trading capital, the amount of risk they can stomach, their goals and personal challenges.

It’s therefore hard to find a “one size fits all” kind of system.

Who Can Trade with Forex Freedom System?

For the last couple of years we have seen this system show consistent profit month to month.. The profit may soar or fall but at the minimum Forex Freedom System always does break even to carry over and trade in the coming month.

If you are a trader with an account less than $2,500, we recommend trading a maximum of 10 pairs on H1 time frame. On H1 time frame you can easily open and close trades within 24 hours. this will help you to rapidly grow your capital to a sizable amount.

If you have an account in the region of $5000 and above. we recommend trading on H4 so you can have trades lasting one to three days. This helps minimize cost on spreads and you can have continuous growth at desired momentum.

Forex Freedom System can still be traded on micro accounts on $100-250 but we recommend only trading one pair, or a maximum of two pairs..

Whatever, your situation you can adapt Forex Freedom System to give you results. To be honest, if there is one system that you need to make this year your best trading year yet. It would would be forex freedom system. “Click Here to Download..

Download ForexFreedomSystem TAP HERE


  • Consistence in Average wins
  • Ease of Use
  • Does NOT repaint

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