Forex Gold Miner is a non-repainting indicator created by the Legendary Jeff Glenellis of the famous FX Scalping Academy. It’s a highs and lows strategy, hence the Peaks and Valleys. The indicator is build to work on Renko charts, a price based chart that weeds out the noise in ordinary timeframe based charts.

Forex Gold Miner, Peaks and Valleys by Jeff Glenellis

Product: Forex Gold Miner, Peaks & Valleys
Product Type: Charting Indicator based
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Best Pairs: Forex, Indices, Precious Metals Price: USD 197.00
Author: Jeff Glenellis
Official Site: “CLICK HERE..

The PV2 indicator is based on one of the oldest Japanese charting methods. Renko can be used to profitably trade all types of financial markets and instruments.

Renko charts are suitable in identifying precise support and resistance levels. The levels are well defined with minimal to no noise at all as compared to time based charts like the candlestick. An indicator like Forex Gold Miner Peaks and Valleys is already at a hugeadvantage for using Renko charts.

Forex Gold Miner, Peaks and Valleys Indicator does not repaint

A repainting indicator is an indicator, is one that revises past patterns as new data comes in.

A repainting indicator is like a watermelon appears hard and green on the outside while the inside its orange fleshed and soft. It can therefore be misleading when a trader makes a trading decision based on current signal only for a repainting indicator to revise it.

Peaks and Valleys eliminates the guesswork of a repainting indicator to give precise buy or sell signals on any pair or financial instrument. PV2 has shown a higher than normal win rate leading to multiple winning streaks.

Polite warning though, once you start tradind Renko charts with a working Indicator like the Peaks and Valleys does, you may never want to trade any other charts. Which is a good thing anyway, aren’t we into trading for profits right?

We highly recommend this creation by Jeff G. and in his words it might be the last custom indicatory you’ll ever need.

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Mike N

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