forex joustar Product: Forex Joustar System

Product Type: Custom Indicator + Template

Price: USD 97

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**Forex Joustar Diamond Edition Released on 11 May, 2022  is shows amazing results on major pairs on the following time frames: M15,M30 and H1.  It’s currently retailing at $97 – Check it Out – Tap Here

OMerchant: Paypal

Trial: 7 Days money back guarantee

Demo Forward Test results: 72-85% accuracy

Recommended Broker (International Traders)

Recommended Broker (USA Traders) FXChoice

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The Forex Joustar is a great forex system that can earn profits for any kind of trader. With it’s ease of use and accuracy it makes a great asset to your trading. It comes with an alert which will sound at the times you have to “Buy” or “Sell”. It also alerts you when there is a possible change of trend. If you are using a working forex system, this can also be a great addition. It is very easy to read and understand. Color changes and matching colors are basically all that is needed to trade with the Forex Joustar.

How to Enter a Trade with Forex Joustar

Forex Joustar

The normal candle chart are in color blue

the color changes to red when there is a downward  trend

the color changes to green when there is an upward trend

At the bottom there are red and greed periods which are printed by the SF8 (SF Trendlines) indicator

to enter a buy trade.. the candle must turn green and enter trade at the beginning of the next candle. However, its important to make sure that there is a corresponding green period on the SF8 filter below chart.

To enter a Sell Trade on MT4.. the candle must turn Red and enter a sell trade when the next candle starts to form in the red color. To get the best signal make sure there is a corresponding color red at the time on SF8 filter.

AUDIO ALERTS – an alert will sound at the times you have to “Buy” or “Sell”. It also alerts you when there is a possible change of trend. When that alert happens make sure either of the conditions described above is met.. for a buy or sell trade.

Best Strategy when trading with Forex Joustar System

forex joustar pips

Forex Joustar is an easy to use and understand trend indicator. The best traders are not those who make huge trades that are hard to come by.. the best traders are those who make small to average wins which are consistent and predictable. Forex Joustar is recommended for predictable income. Download it now

Download Forex Joustar Indicator
  • Ease of Use
  • Signal Accuracy
  • Consistence in Average wins

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