Forex Neural Profits works for every kind of trader.

Forex Neural Profits

  • For those with a day job and prefer to trade part time
  • For those who like to see rapid movement and close their trades by close of business
  • For those who like to capture big trades and let them run for days
  • For those who like to retain control of their trading and get involved in every trade entry and exit
  • For those who like to experiment and try out new ideas in their trading
  • For those who just want to make money

Forex Neural Profits Trade Alert Software is designed to meet every trader’s unique trading situation using artificial intelligence

Installing Forex Neural Profits Trade Alert software

There are five files present that you’ll need for installation:

ð Forex_Neural_Profits_System.exe

ð Forex_Neural_Profits_Indicator_1.ex4

ð Forex_Neural_Profits_Indicator_2.ex4

ð Forex_Neural_Profits_Manual_EA.ex4

ð Forex_Neural_Profits.tpl (optional)


With these three files you have two ways in which you can do the Installation

1.   Plug-n-play (one click install)

2.   Manual drag-n-drop installation

Setting up Trades with Forex Neural Profits

To start trading with Forex Neural Profits is very easy:

I)             Open your preferred pair (Works on ANY Pair)

II)           Select the preferred time frame: H1, H4, D1

III)         Open the navigator panel (shortcut: Ctrl + N)

IV)        Under the Experts Advisers tree: drag n drop Forex_Neural_Profits_EA.ex4  to the same chart. The Manual EA will read information from the Indicators to generate trade recommendations but will NOT print arrows on charts

V)          The other Option is to Right Click a Chart and Load the Forex_Neural_Profits template. The template will automatically Load the Indicators and EA on chart and will therefore show buy/sell arrows and will pop trade recommendations as well.

Forex Neural Profits Forex Neural Profits

Forex Neural Profits Important Settings

Forex Neural Profits is not a blackbox system you can always adjust various settings to adopt your trading methodology and risk appetite. We have our recommendations but you can always feel free to test out your own parameters or integrate with other existing systems you have.

Here are our recommended settings:

ð Time Frame: H1, H4, D1

ð We recommend trading:  EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY, USDJPY, USDCAD, USDCHF, AUDUSD, AUDJPY  and ALL other major Pairs

ð Lot size – for Each $1,000 use a maximum of 0.05 lot per pair

ð EXIT 1- StopLoss and Take Profit – SL/TP is calculated by ATR (Average true range)

Reverse Signal Exit – if a trade has not hit TP/SL it will exit on the appearance of a reverse signal i.e. when there is a new trade on the opposite direction

Forex Neural Profits Full Version and Lifetime License for WindsorForex Readers

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