The (FRAMA) Fractal Adaptive Moving Average indicator for MetaTrader4 was established by John F Ehlers. The indicator takes leverage of the fractal characteristic of the financial markets.

A fractal design can be divided or rough and can be divided into subdivision, each of the segments can be observed to be somewhat identical to a condensed design replica of the initial.


1. This forex indicator can be utilized on any currency pairs.

2. The recommended platform for utilizing the indicator is MetaTrader 4.

3. Variable (PeriodFRAMA, Price Type), Colors, width & Style are the endorsed customized options.

4. The recommended time frame is five minutes, fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, one hour, four hours, one day, one week or one month.

5. Chart pattern indicator and trend is the recommended type for utilizing the forex indicator.

Instance Chart


The FRAMA indicator averages the distinctions of the highest highs and lowest lows over fluctuating segments of the length of the time frame. The figures obtained are mathematically maneuvered utilizing the Boolean enquiries, Euler’s figure, familiar logarithms, and, forth with some pointer from the prior Fractal Adaptive Moving Average, the most current Fractal Adaptive Moving Average is carved.
The time frame length of the Fractal Adaptive Moving Average as well as the cost type can be adjusted to show the trader’s desire.

The major concept behind the FRAMA is to take into suggestion just very important price adjustments. If price moves in a particular direction extremely, the FRAMA indicator is able to pursue price very firmly.
If price encounters itself range destined and does not makes any important move, the FRAMA stays level. The FRAMA fundamental divides the activity chart into smaller groups and then examine in contrast these groups one after the other. These demonstrate the activity chart is a collection of bunch of squares i.e. smaller and even larger ones.

Danger-SignUtilize this forex Indicator at your own risk. Windsor Forex cannot be responsible for any losses associated with utilizing any forex indicator presented on the site. It’s not recommended to utilize this indicator on the real account without testing it on demo first.



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