Fx Scalping Academy by Jeff Glenellis is a forex education product introduced to the forex arena in early 2017. In this review, we shall break it down for you so you can decide if it’s suitable in your trading endeavor.

Fx Scalping Academy by Jeff G.

Product: FX Scalping Academy

Product Type: Forex Training + Bonus Meta Trader tools

Time Frame: M1 to H1

Strategy: Scalping


Price: USD 147.00

Author: Jeff Glenellis

Official Site: “CLICK HERE.. (opens in new tab)

Merchant: Paypal

Trial: 60 Days money back guarantee

Expected results: Master in Scalping for Daily Income

Recommended Broker (International Traders) XM.com

Recommended Broker (USA Traders) FXChoice

BONUS: Price Prediction Strategy Video “Get It..

About a week ago we posted an article “Your Favorite Indicator is LYING to You!” which was inspired by Jeff G’s training on Fx Scalping Academy. In this review we’ll get to the depth of the value you might get from this training product on Scalping/

FX Scalping Academy Overview

Fx Scalping Academy is a paid product where you have about two hours of mastery on scalping. Jeff focuses on the use of Pivots, Support and Resistance lines. You’ll be shocked to learn that there are over 77 possible lines that you need to know. Now 77 might sound a bit mouthful but with the help of a free meta trader software that comes along with the course. you’ll quickly know when to use what lines and how to generate accurate signals without paralysis analysis or wasting any time.

Here is what you get to learn inside the course:

  1. How to easily set up a series of charts that allows you to see all the lines at a glance
  2. How to use free software (included) to automate the drawing of these lines so you don’t have to continually redraw them yourself;
  3. What the most profitable trade setups look like using these lines and how to spot them instantly;
  4. How to anticipate market reaction and use pending orders to guarantee you get filled at the price you want, when you want;
  5. Why trading just one pair (the GBP/JPY) will give you all the price action you’ll need to easily make 20-40 pips per day, typically in under one hour;
  6. How trading for a goal of 20 pips a day can quickly have you earning three or even four figures a day on a small starting account;
  7. How to scale in additional trades so that a single price move of 15 pips can result in you earning 35-40 pips in just minutes;

Fx Scalping Academy is suitable for newbie, intermediate and Advanced traders. Anyone looking to educate themselves with information they can apply immediately on the next chart to make a daily income should strongly consider taking this course.

You are also covered by a Money back guarantee in case you feel the course is NOT for you..

I would want to challenge you however, to try the course yourself, with a goal of 50 to 200 pips the first day you apply this scalping strategy taught in the course.

It’s the most focused and applicable course on scalping you’ll ever find. Plus Jeff G. is available on a trader’s chatroom or even one on one on skype where he responds to traders specific queries directly.

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  • Ease to Understand
  • Support Responsiveness
  • Immediate Course Applicability

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