Many MetaTrader end users are hustling to chore with indicators on numerous charts. They posture a rational query: “Is there a way to save indicator input parameters from one chart and easily load them on another?” The reply is: “Yes, it is definitely possible!” Traders frequently inquire me about it in relation with the Position Size Calculator signal — it has specifically many input restrictions to configure; simultaneously, the settings hardly rely upon on the selection of a currency pair or a timeframe for one end user. So, in the following tutorial I will mentor you through the process of saving and loading indicator inputs by utilizing Position Size Calculator for instance. Nevertheless, you can utilize it for any other indicator too. This tutorial is conclusive for both MT4 and MT5 versions of the platform.

How to save Indicator Input Parameters

  1. When attaching an indicator to a graph, change to Inputs tab:


  1. When you stipulate the desired figures for the indicator’s input parameters, highlight on Save button:


  1. Enter some relevant name for the settings file and highlight Save:


That is it! The saved settings can now be uploaded on other graphs whenever you are in need of them.

How to Load Indicator Input Parameters

  1. Attach an indicator and head to the Inputs tab:


  1. Highlight on Load button:


  1. Select the file with the saved inputs and click Open:


  1. The input parameters’ figures will adjust to the earlier saved ones:


You can now click OK and continue to utilize the indicator with the same settings on a new graph.

When you have a settings data for an older version of the indicator, and a new version is liberated, you can cautiously load the old settings file. The old input parameters will load accurately while the newly added input parameters will be digitizing to their original values. Input parameters that had been given a new name will also load to their original names.

Mike N
Mike N

Financial Trading Systems Design Expert

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