00Wondering how to pick winning trades? Or maybe you want to improve your trading performance. Making money is not a magic event. You need a financial management plan that will enable you to contain your losses under a dollar level that you feel comfortable with. This article consists of five steps which if followed keenly will help you to improve your trading and educate you on how to pick winning trades.


  1. Tidying up your charts and focusing on the price action only.

To start with, you really have to get rid of all the clutter on your charts. The first and foremost step to picking winning trades is none other than beginning with indicator-free charts. This will give a better view of the the charts. For more information on how to de-clutter your charts, check out the Meta trader 4 tutorial


  1. Change your strategy from high quantity to low quality.

You cannot just wake up and start picking high winning trades. It takes patience to get to picking winning trades. You should aim to be a trader as opposed to a gambler. Be smart and use your trading skills to avoid hitting a lot of unnecessary losing trades. Incorporating a sniper trading approach sounds wise.


  1. Let go of the time frames under the 1 hour mindset.

11You have to accept reality to avoid falling into a low probability trade. If you really love your money, practice to preserve your trading capital as much as you can. There are so many merits trading higher time frames than you know.


  1. Learn how to master one signal at a time.

It sounds hard to trade less frequently but you really need to train yourself to do so. The secret to pick winning trades us focusing on one pattern at a time. This will take your reading skills to new heights, increase your confidence and morose improve your masterly of charts.


  1. See to it that you have a trading strategy

This step sounds obvious but it is the only way to avoid risking your hard-earned money. Get some trading classes and learn how to trade properly so as to increase your chances of picking winning trades.

Mike N
Mike N

Financial Trading Systems Design Expert

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