The Martingale forex trading system is established on the well-known gambling (betting) blueprint of the 18th century in France. The key fundamental of this system is to duplicate the bet each time you have a loss so that if you win (considering a 100% bet win/loss each time) you recover a preceding loss and will also profit the first bet value. If a trader had an enormous amount of cash, this plan of action would be an excellent thing as with an enormous value of bets the basic outcome will, with anticipation 1 finally come. The dilemma none of the trader owns an enormous wealth and hence using this plan of action finally leads to an empty account. Even though it’s very well-known foreign exchange plan of action and is utilized in many foreign exchange expert advisors, I greatly do not endorse exchanging with it.


  1. Theoretically bulletproof plan of action
  2. Practically inaccurate
  3. Reward/risk rate can stretch exceedingly low values

How to Exchange

  1. All currency pair and lapse of time should work.
  2. Decide your essential position size.
  3. Begin an order in a casual direction (purchase or auction) with a little stop-loss and the equal take-profit.
  4. After the SL or TP is established you either lose or win.
  5. If you have a win, establish the position amount to the original and move the step 3.
  6. If you have a loss, duplicate the position amount and move to step 3.
  7. If you have an enormous exchanging account balance, in the long run you will win abundance. You will have a loss eventually if your account balance is limited.


The Martingale Forex Trading System

  1. You begin with $10,000 account and can exchange with mini foreign exchange lots (0.1 of the standard lot) and choose to exchange on EUR/USD.
  2. You assign your main position value as 0.1 lots.
  3. You choose to move long setting stop-loss as 40 pips (or $4). The take-gain is established to the same amount.
  4. Your account balance is $9,996 when you lose the position.
  5. You choose your next position value to 0.2 lots, so that utilizing the equal stop-loss and take-gain levels your risk $8 and likewise have unforeseeable to win $8. You choose to adjust the position’s movement and move short.
  6. When you have a win you have regained the $4 and with a profit of $4. Hence your account balance is $10,004.
  7. You return your position to the original 0.1 lots and begin again.
  8. With $10,000 account balance and $4 main risk amount you will have to lose 11 consecutive positions in a row to empty your account. You will have to win 250 positions to duplex your account.

Danger-SignUtilize this strategy at your own risk. can’t be responsible for any losses associated with using any strategy presented on the site. It’s not recommended to use this strategy on the real account without testing it on demo first.



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