Trend Profiteer? Who is the developer? Michael Nurok is one of those persistent trader’s that you’d ever find. Ever asked yourself why trading gurus are always wanting to launch new products every so often. If the first one worked what’s the need for a new one, you ask? Well, Michael is all about devoloping and improving one strategy to make profits no matter the previling circumstances in the Market.

Trend Profiteer 3.0 Michael Nurok

In 2016, Michael made available his premium system, The Trend Profiteer available for download. For the last 7 years, he has been improving the software’s framework. These revisions help adapt to new market conditions. It also helps to trade new financial instruments. Crypto charts are now mainstream with a majority of forex brokers offering them on their Metatrader platform.

The Forex Profiteer software has been able to capture massive moves on Crypto related instruments to exceed all other instruments on metatrader. Michael would not ignore it anymore and hence the need to optimise the software for Crypto as well.

The Secret Behind Trend Profiteer Trade Profit Maximization

  • Manual, Semi automated and Fully automated trading. – Every trader want’s to know if the software is an indicator or Expert advisor. Well, Trend Profiteer serves every trader. There is the option of using a charting indicator for manual Traders. One may also opt for the semi automated settings that allow for alert signals. There is also the option to trade TP as a robot that takes, manages and closes trades.
  • Convinience on multiple devices – the TP system may be set up to send signals to email, mobile and desktop alerts. These features, enables traders to be incontrol of their trading, no matter where they are at them time.
  • Market Intelligence Dashboard – Be able to tell what pairts moving to what direction in a single instance. Instead of opening over 30 charts and studying them. Save time with TProftiteer and instanlty tell what instruments to go for.
  • Advanced Trade, Money and Risk Management – Enter one trade, lock in pips periodically, while milking maximum pips per trade. Money and Risk management rules can make or break a great trading strategy. In fact a solid risk management rule can make a poor or average system seem great. Trend Profiteer, has these rules considered for every trader, no matter their trading capital and desire to trade.

Trend Profiteer retails from USD 248. There maybe some offers from time to time, like black friday for example.. But anybody got time for offers? Or would you rather be making money and recover the price in a single trade or two.

Mike N
Mike N

Financial Trading Systems Design Expert

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