The Pinbar foreign exchange trading system is a well-known strategy for entering and exiting positions that is dependent on the specific candlestick pattern and the favorable price action. The Pinbar (also known as “Pin-bar” or “Pin bar”) design was first made known by Martin Pring in his pring on cost patterns.


  1. Traditional strategy provides low risk and high yield favorable circumstances.
  2. No loss ratio is elegant high if break-even is utilized.
  3. Exceptional occurrence.
  4. Timing is very unfavorable.
  5. Support or resistance is challenging to formalize.

Strategy Establishment

All currency pair and time period should work, but should work better for longer-term time periods (such as H4, D1 and W1).

Pinbar Establishments

The Pinbar Forex Trading System

The pattern comprises of the candlesticks: the left eye, the right eye and the nose. The left eye should be a candlestick up for the bluff Pinbar pattern or a candlestick beneath for the vigorous pattern. The nose candlestick should open and close within the left eye, but its’ high (or low, for the vigorous set-up) should project farther than the left eye’s high (or low). The two, the nose candlestick’s open and close should be situated in the bottom (top, for the vigorous set-up) quarter of the candlestick. The right eye is where the exchanging takes place.

An extra condition for the pleasant pattern establishment is the firm support or resistance level created either in the background of the eyes or nearby the point of the nose. The tougher are the support or resistance levels you integrate into this pattern, the more precise it will be.

The Entry Conditions

Hostile entry alternative is to begin a position when the right eye price recedes in the background of the left eye’s shut level.

Cautious entry point is beneath (above for vigorous set-up) the nose candlestick.

The Exit Conditions

Cautious stop-loss can be established in the background of the closest support or resistance in the background of the eyes. A less cautious move would be to establish stop-loss too promptly in the background of the nose bar point (in this case, your reward/risk ratio may suffer).

Cautious take-gain can be established promptly after the left eye low-level (high for the bullish set-up). Hostile take-gain level may be situated farther – to the next firm support (resistance for bullish positions) level.


The Hostile Pinbar Establishment

This is an instance of the hostile establishment. The entry point (blue line) is situated at the left eye (price retreated for that entry). Stop-loss (red line) is situated at the background of the nose candlestick (in this situation, even conservative stop-loss wouldn’t be hit, as the price pull-back during the right eye happened before the entry). Take-gain (green line) is established at the neighboring support level and comfortably filled.

The Pinbar Forex Trading System_2

The Bluff Pinbar Establishment

This is an instance of the cautious establishment. The entry point (blue line) is situated just rear end of the nose candlestick. Stop-loss (red line) is beneath the left eye. Take-gain (green line) is just on top of the left eye.

The Pinbar Forex Trading System_3

Danger-SignUtilize this strategy at your own risk. cannot be responsible for any losses associated with using any strategy presented on the site. It’s not recommended to use this strategy on the real account without testing it on demo first.



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