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Product Type: Trade Alert Software

Price: USD 49.99

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Merchant: Paypal

Trial: 7 Days money back guarantee

Demo Forward Test results: 81% accuracy

Recommended Broker (International Traders)

Recommended Broker (USA Traders) FXChoice

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The Profit GoldenEye Custom Indicator is named on an algorithm that reflect the anatomy of they eye: Eyeball, Pupil and Iris. . If all 3 lines match, it is a good indication of a good trade. Note, that this system is  Alert based. So you do not need to over analyze the chart of indicator because you will be alerted of when to Buy and Sell.

How To Enter a Trade with Profit GoldenEye

The Profit GoldenEye Alert..

The newest alert will be displayed at the top. It will automatically scroll to the top when a new signal appears. Wait about 2 seconds after you hear the alert and then check the window. This will give the window time to scroll to the top.

With The Profit Goldeneye, there are 2 types of signals.

  1.  Excellent Signal
  2. Good Signal.

Both are profitable and worth trading.

The one with a higher probability of success is the “Excellent Signal”.  Excellent Signal means that all possible conditions have been met.

A Good Signal appears when half the conditions are met. Don’t overlook “Good Signals”. They are also very profitable as we have noticed with the last couple of trades that we’ve taken.

Recommended take profits and stop-loss

The Profit GoldenEye is an easy to use system, since its alert based.  It can be used as the Only signal strategy OR it can be combined with an existing trader’s strategy  for double or triple confirmation of signals.

The chart below shows the recommended Take Profit and Stop Loss areas by time frame.. However, based on a traders risk appetite, they can always adjust downwards or upwards.

Profit GoldenEye Take Profit and Stoploss levelswhen you adjust the Profit GoldenEye to new settings, its recommended you trade on DEMO first before switching the methodology to trade a Real trading account.

Profit GoldenEye is suitable for newbie traders and advanced traders as well. Its very easy to use and follow and of course will see your profit pile every trading day.

Download Profit GoldenEye Custom Indicator, Manual and Signal Alert Template CLICK HERE

Download Profit GoldenEye Indicator



  • Ease of Use
  • Does NOT repaint
  • Consistence in Average wins

Mike N
Mike N

Financial Trading Systems Design Expert

    2 replies to "Profit GoldenEye Forex Indicator Review"

    • Harry Nguyen

      It doesn’t repaint really? Do you still use it? What’s the difference between this and FX Agency Advisor 2? Thanks.

      • Mike N


        these are two separate strategies as described on respective posts..

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