This new software; FxMath AI Trader Dashboard is a creation of the veteran trader and systems designer, Reza Mehrabani. He has created numerous harmonic systems that have dominated the markets. Their consistency in profitability is a legend to reckon with. In this Review we look at the AI based dashboard and how one may craft a strategy that picks more winners than losers.

Product: FxMath AI Trader Dashboard

Product Type: Semi Automated EA and Dashboard

Price: USD 97

Official Site:

INT/US Broker XM/TradingPoint

A couple of weeks ago we got a copy of the FxMath AI Dashboard. While testing, as of this writing, the software has gone through three major updates. The updates are based on user feedback. Luckily, the license owners get to access these useful updates gratis.

What Exactly is FxMath AI Trader Dashboard?

The Dashboard is a plugin that enhances Metatrader 4, a platform for trading financial elements. There are two aspects of the software; the user interface and the behind the scenes strategies that advices the user with simple tasks.

The behind the scenes strategy that generates trade alerts is based on Reinforcement Learning, a mini branch of Artificial Intelligence. The software is based on a accurate forecasting strategy that keeps on learning to self improve based on the ever changing effects of market forces.

When using this dashboard you get a solid winning rate. Over time the software is programmed to be mad-obssessed with winning. Eventually the self improvement will result to a winning streak norm.

Challenges that Traders face

One of the questions that trader’s ask is, if we have one software that works, why do we need more? However, this is a misguided question, as it assumes a one size fits all strategy for every trader. The correct question to ask is, “Having understood a product, does it fit to my trading goals?”.

There are as many successful strategies as there are traders. The secret is in understanding one’s goals and finding a suitable product to boot. For example, let’s take account size as a variant. If there is a strategy that gives 10% per month? What would that mean to a trader with a $50,000 account vs one with a $2,000 account. The one with a smaller account would want a more aggressive strategy. The trader with a relatively larger account would not mind a conservative strategy since they might hit their goals anyway.

There is also the least talked factor of trading sessions. We have the Tokyo, London and Newyork trading sessions. At a given time of the day, certain crosses are affected differently depending on which capital is awake at the time. It’s Important therefore to know what currency pairs to trade at a given time of day.

Risk, Leverage and Money management

These three ‘bad boys’ determines whether a trader succeeds or fades 99% of the time, no matter how good a trading system they might have. The three deserve an article of their own. If they take such a huge pie of the trader’s success, isn’t it time we simplified the same?

The question of Win rates,Trailing stops, take profit, stop loss, Did you know a winning rate means nothing when you don’t consider other related outputs. For example, if you have 5 trades with an 80% win rate, where each win 20 pips and stop loss is 100 pips. you would have 20 pips * 4 trades to get +80 pips but then you lose one trade by -100 pips. Hence that day you have 80-100 = -20 pips. An impressive winrate but a loss to the account.

Benefits of FxMath AI Trader Dashboard

fxMath AI Trader Dashboard User Settings
Friendly user iterface with ‘one-click’ actions

Suitable for Every Trading Session

In the image above at the bottom 2nd line are buttons that determine what pair crosses to be be shown. The first one, NZD,AUD,JPY crosses suitable for Tokyo session. The next one is EUR, GBP, CHF crosses suitable for London Session. The third one is USD, CAD crosses suitable for Newyork session. This gives a trader not to be bound by time, but be able to trader whatever time of day or time.

Trade Confirmation in More Timeframes

We say the trend is a friend and this may be visible in one timeframe and not another. The dashboard as seen on top buttons has M30, H1 and H4 timeframes. Imagine a situation where a pair shows all red or all blue, is this not a confirmation of a trend on that pair? Hence opening such a trade would have a higher success rate.

Portfolio Trading

Almost all markets trading books would not be complete without mentioning portfolio. In the image above, the buttons at the bottom have, ‘open all trades’ and ‘close all trades’. The WindsorForex team engaged in the following: refreshing the chart and opening trades. Next is to open the Trade tab on mt4. On the Trade tab monitor the aggregate balance, then it turns to positive to a desired amount, It’s time to hit the close all trades button. Without a care of the number of winners and losers, all we know is we added some cash to the trading balance.

News Trading Strategy with FxMath AI Dashboard

News trading strategy cannot be ignored as it supplements technical trading. Exactly how do you achieve that with a technical based software? An economic calendar highlights major events. Now you want to know which country is making these announcement. The Geographical location of the country would hint their timeline, what trading session and what pair crosses to target. Then you want to know if the news are positive or negative. If positive focus on buy trades, if negative focus on sell trades. For Example; Following the Non-Farm payroll report where there is said to be increased jobs hence strengthening the dollar. A trader would want to open USD crosses and only focus on buy trades. Remember price moves in the direction of least liquidity, the mor epeople demand the dollar the more it will strengthen

Supportive Community with Regular Updates

Hiring a developer to create a strategy you have on paper may cost thousands of dollars, but with FxMath AI Dashboard as of this writing it costs only $97 one off. And it gets better, members get to suggest improvements that are incorporated in the next releases 100% gratis. It therefore, provides a great opportunity for a trader to be involved in creating a software thats suits respective trading goals.

Final Verdict on FxMath AI Dashboard

So far, this trading software seems to tick all the right boxes. It provides for a superior trade assistant software that is easy to use. It’s simplicity makes it’s robustness accessible even to novice traders. This is a software that I would recommend to every trader who wants to head straight to the money. Advanced traders with existing strategies would recommend the advanced Zenith Harmonic Patterns Scanner.

Go for FxMath AI Dashboard, a no brainer that requires no experience at all. Even a seven year old would randomly hit some buttons and they would still be the right ones that makes money. Take your time to download this AI based dashboard – Click Here

Mike N
Mike N

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