Forex Magnacon is a trading signals generating system that has a combination of three Metatrader Indicators. The three custom indicators are used as filters, to identify trends, filter market noise and identify the most potent entry and exit points. This method combined with a conservative risk/money management has seen trading accounts grow rapidly with an above 80% win rate.

Forex Magnacon System Review

Product: Forex Magnacon System
Main Trader: Russ Horn
Company: Tradeology, Adrian Jones et al
Product Type: Trade Alert Software
Price: $99 one off.
Official Website: Click Here (opens in new tab)

There is a financial markets index, called the Fear and Greed Index. The FGI tracks the investor’s sentiments towards the financial markets. When the Index steers towards greed it’s an indication that the trader’s sentiments are quite positive and expectant. When the index trades towards extreme fear, then it means the sentiment is negative and investors are panicking.

Since the 2019/20 pandemic, a lot of financial strategies had to be reviewed. Market sentiments has changed in response to investor confidence or lack of it. In view of the foregoing, new systems are being crafted to conform and be ‘crisis-safe’ in spewing trade recommendations.

Introducing Forex Magnacon System

Forex Magnacom is a simple system based on 3 indicators. Each Indicator has a role, where trade possibilities go through 3 gates. The trade that shows green in all 3 gates is the one that signalled to the trader. The 3 indicators are as follows:

  1. The Magnacon Trend Indicator
  2. The Magnacon Trigger
  3. Magnacon Filter

The Magnacon Trend Indicator has to elements. When it’s green we are looking at buy signals. When the indicator is red, then we go for sell signals.

The Magnacon Trigger is an entry indicator. When it turns the same color as the magnon trend, then its time to make a trade entry.

Magnacon Filter is a short term trend indicator. When the color agree with the main trend. Then its a double confirmation on proper trade direction and correct entry.

As you can see, the software is a no brainer. It’s really simple and proven to work for the current market conditions. It’s suitable for traders with any type of account size. H1 and H4 gave the best results in our tests. The software comes with a PDF on installation and how to go about setting up trades. We recommend it for rapid account growth and making quick trading cash.

Mike N
Mike N

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