Fx Profitude is a Forex Trading Solution that primarily contains a trading manual. In the members area you also get access to a video course, a trade assistant to automate most taks. There is also the beauty of Live sessions that show how the system works on a regular market so a trade would be able to duplicate that on a the go. Below is a screen grab of the members area and on the Menu you can see what you’ll have access to on purchase.

Product: Fx Profitude System
Main Trader: Russ Horn
Company: Tradeology, Adrian Jones et al
Product Type: Trade Alert Software
Price: $499
Official Website: Click Here (opens in new tab)

Recommended Broker: XM – Click here

Fx Profitude is a bundle of an institutional trader’s trading tools that may be exploited by a retail trader for profit. Some of the products are free to download, others require an email while some would need one to pay for the same. Basically, there is something for every one and a good way to begin a transformation journey of profits while trading the markets.

Fx Profitude Free Gifts

Here are some of the Free Tools you can get; Rejection Spike Report, High Probability Low-Risk Profit System (HPLRPS system).

This HPLRPS Profit System reveals everything you need to know about this hidden trading method. The indicator included in the report also does everything you need to trade profitably.

  • How to possibly anticipate the next high probability market direction that could flow from your finger-PIPS.
  • Discover the simple criteria that would allow you to foresee BIG PROFITS.
  • Exactly know where to position yourself for possible profits on each trade and stop trading blindly
  • It keeps track of the trend’s momentum; employs a sneaky tactic to provide you with one of the strongest trade entry signals imaginable.

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Mike N

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