Forex Trend Rider by Ben J Welch

Product: Forex Trend Rider System
Product Type: Trade Alert Software/ Manual System
Price: USD 102.00
Official Site: www ForexTrendRider. com
Merchant: Authors of Element Forex via Paypal
Trial: 7 Days money back guarantee
Demo Forward Test results: 88.6% accuracy

Forex Trend Rider is a combination of meta trader indicators and proprietory indicators to make a solid system based on a general trend strategy. Trend systems are pretty straight forward, they are the most common systems used by traders out there.

A Trend strategy is based on price movement against time and is therefore suitable for any time frame. Whether one is a scalpler/intra-day or swing trader, a working trend strategy would be appropriate to trade the markets on any time of day.

As you can see, a Trend Strategy is pretty adaptable, and that’s why most people fail. Yes, the more choices a strategy has.. the more likely traders will be inconsistent in implementing the Strategy.

The Best Strategy for Forex Trend Rider

When testing Forex Trend Rider System by Ben J Welch we found the following settings to be appropriate

  • Trade major currency pairs with USD, CHF and EUR Crosses, Gold Spot
  • Trade during the opening of the Markets in London session and later in the Newyork Session
  • You can also trade market indices at the opening of respective markets
  • trade 0.2 lots for accounts with $1,000 and below – this would transalte to 10 open trades of 0.02 lot size.
  • Don’t forget to set up your take profit and stoploss – whatever rules you choose be consistent for every trade.
  • Ride the trend – when a trade moves to the direction of the trend by 30% of your target.. move your stop to break even. when the trade moves 50% of your target pips.. move your stop to +20%. from there you may activate a trailing stop with settings to help you lock in the most pips ever.

Verdict on this Trend System

This Trend Following Strategy is designed by a reputable merchant who has authored multiple forex trading systems since 2010s. Element Forex offers great support on their products, they even help with installation and sharing some tips. Earlier we revealed to you so some pointers that will help you make the most of this system.

We therefore strongly recommend Forex Trend Rider as a choice trend following strategy, as long as the rules are adhered to .

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