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Echo Trades Trading Strategy

Rob’s former coaching student made $2.3 million in 2020 but it wasn’t all thanks to Rob.

In fact, it came from a totally unexpected source – a trading breakthrough he developed himself.

If that wasn’t crazy enough, he’s a farmer from East Tennessee who’s been using this strategy to help US veterans build their retirement funds!

Rob Booker and his team at Daily Profit Publishing have reworked a method developed by one of Booker’s students to make it available to all traders as a trade calls subscription product. As explained in this webinar – the webinar is hosted on their website and might require you to give your email so as to view the recording.

Echo Trades Overview and Verdict

The 5X Echo Trade To Take Right Now
By Jeffry Turnmire, Trading Farmer who turned $28,000 into $1.4 Million family fortune
Why am I so confident in this one stock?
Out of the 5,000 stocks on the market right now…
There’s only ONE stock that I firmly believe that can easily hit 500% in growth
before the year is up.
And before you think I’m full of hot air, you should know…
When I first got in, I got in for just $11 a share.
Now, it’s at $44 per share…
And yet, there’s still so much room to go.
In fact, according to my Echo Trades strategy, I can easily see it going all the way
up to $300.
Run the math on that, that’s a projected 581% gain but because I like to keep it
Let’s just keep it even at 500%.
Well, first off, it reminds me very much of a trade I took on the UVXY last year.
In late January, I bought heavy into the UVXY because of the reports of the
covid-19 virus in China. [For those that don’t know, the UVXY allows you to trade
volatility for a profit.]
Considering the chaos that was under way in China at the time…
It was a safe bet to assume we’d suffer some volatility too…
Little did we know.
It went beyond volatility and went straight to BEDLAM.
And the profits…
It was easily one of my best trades of the year.
In fact, with this one trade…
I was able to add $200 THOUSAND DOLLARS to my father’s retirement
Every day, it felt like Christmas as I saw my account go up tens of thousands…
Even though the rest of the market plummeted by millions.
I don’t say this just to brag…
I say all this because…
This one stock I’m targeting right now is presenting close similarities to this
UVXY trade.
It’s taking advantage of a massive macro trend that’s being backed by three
The first one…
500% Gain Amplifier #1:
This trade takes advantage of the
massive amounts of US Dollar printing
happening every day.
And I’m sure you’ve seen the recent stimulus check get deposited into your bank
This is one trend that’s not stopping…
And we’re seeing asset prices soar through the roof as a result.
However, there’s one asset class which stands out above all the rest.
One asset class that USED TO be hated, criticized and disregarded by the
biggest names on Wall St like Blackrock, Dimon, and countless other fund
If you guessed cryptocurrency, you’re correct.
Before 2020 ended, we saw Bitcoin go straight past the old high of $20,000…
Now, we’re looking at bitcoin past $50,000…
And the one echo trade I’m looking at…
The one that has already gone from $11 to $44 to an expected $300…
It’s a stock that’s perfectly in-place to ride out the rest of this bitcoin growth.
[More on why I think bitcoin can easily hit $100,000 by the end of the year
Because here’s the second force…
Look, I’m sure you’ve seen the news…
500% Gain Amplifier #2:
Undervalued Assets Meets Massive
Surge of Incoming Wealth
See, most people don’t know this but one company has ordered and PAID FOR
almost the entire supply of AISC miners that BitMAIN can produce this year.
In other words, this one company has a stranglehold on the production of bitcoin
And when they get these rigs online…
Well, according to Investorplace research…
This company will be able to mine approximately 55 to 60 bitcoins a day.
Think about that for a second.
With BTC at $50-$60K…
They will be producing $2 MILLION worth of bitcoin every single day.
Do you see why we’ve already ridden this stock from $11 to $44?
This is BEFORE the mining operation has gone live.
Imagine AFTER.
It’s easily one of the best and undervalued opportunities on the market.
However, to get the full 500%+ growth I predict, there’s one last thing to
500% Gain Amplifier #3:
A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats
Here’s what you have right now…
Bitcoin is growing steadily with each passing week…
And this one stock is set to mine 55 to 60 coins EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Now, what happens when bitcoin price continues to rise?
You have a stock set to go absolute bananas.
Don’t think it can happen?
Let’s go back to February 8th.
The front page headline of the Wall St. Journal reads:
“Tesla buys $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin. Now accepts bitcoin as payment.”
The price of bitcoin before that announcement: $38,000
A short couple of weeks after: $58,000.
Go further back…
Square – the payment processing company – filed form 10-Q as part of it’s
quarterly financial report. Hidden inside, the company stated “bitcoin revenue
grew by $1.5 billion.”
This is after they said they’re allowing anyone to buy bitcoin with their apps.
The price then: $10,664.
The price one short month after: $19,181.
Point is, anytime a company on the S&P 500 reports a massive bitcoin purchase…
Bitcoin shoots through the roof.
And with more and more people starting to take it seriously…
Like Blackrock who famously used to hate bitcoin…
Well, like I said…
A rising tide raises all boats.
And this tide backed by the biggest companies on the planet is set to send this one
stock through the roof for a 500% ride.
With all that said…
The one company for you to act on is stock ticker MARA [Marathon Digital Holdings.]
If you want to buy it and hold it for the year…
That’s up to you to decide based on your risk tolerance.
What I will say is though that if you want a way to cash in and out of it over and over
Then the number one thing for you to right now is make sure you don’t miss the live
event on March 23rd.
My system works incredibly well for capturing gains on Mara as we’ve secured wins
• 203% in 8 days…
• 58% in 11 days…
• 177% in 7 days…
• 151% in 11 days…
• 178% in 7 days…
And countless other profits from other stocks too!
I’ll show you everything on how to get in on this once we go live on March 23rd.
And don’t forget, you can catch the latest video updates for our event right at this link..

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Echo Trades by Rob Booker
Rob Booker's Echo Trades Review $ 997

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