Straight to the point review of Super Profit Scalper by Karl Dittman so you can decide if it suits your unique situation as a trader
Super Profit Scalper

Product: Super Profit Scalper

Product Type: Indicator (MT4)

Time Frame: M1 and M5

Strategy: Scalping


Price: USD 87.00

Author: Karl Dittmann

Official Site: CLICK HERE  (opens in new tab)

Merchant: ClickBank

Trial: 60 Days money back guarantee

Demo Forward Test results: 71% accuracy

Recommended Broker (International Traders)

Recommended Broker (USA Traders) FXChoice

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The package of Super Profit Scalper has two files in the Zip folder

  1. The indicator file is SuperProfitScalper.ex4
  2. The library file is SuperProfitScalper_Library_File.dll

There is also a user guide showing you how to go about the installation process.

Super Profit Scalper Indicator is built for M1 and M5 timeframes with a logic for speed and accuracy. Signals are generated early just before the price starts moving fast to a specific direction to ensure maximum possible profit.

Best time to Trade with Super Profit Scalper

  1. Active Trading Sessions – This indicator works best during Opening of London and Newyork Sessions
  2. Trend – Whereas this indicator works on M1 and M5 time frame. we recommend checking H1 and H4 time frames to determine global trends. When there is a global trend.. its a good time to scalp.
  3. Sideways – Avoid trading on indecisive or sideway markets

Entry and Trade Exits

To Enter a trade with this indicator is easy:

  • BUY when a Purple Line starts.
  • Sell when a Yellow Line starts.

To Exit a trade there are Three Options

Option 1 – Exit your trades when the Super Profit Scalper issues the opposite trading signal. This ensures that you trade with maximum profits and exit right before the market is expected to reverse.
If you enter with BUY (Purple Line) -Exit as soon as a Yellow Line starts.
If you enter with SELL (Yellow Line) -Exit as soon as a Purple Line starts.

Option 2 – You can also exit according to the Take Profit (TP) level that is shown in the popup alert window. This is a very good method that a lot of traders use.  You can adjust Take Profit in the indicator INPUTS depending on the time frame you are using.

Option 3 – Another exit mechanism which is highly effective is to exit near strong support or resistance levels. It is a method that generates exits earlier, so you take profits early. Good method if you prefer trading in a more safe manner.

 Our Thoughts..

Scalping is suitable for traders with a goal of GROWING their capital.. If you have a trading account between $100 and $2500 then its advisable to use a scalping strategy to rapidly grow your trading capital. For larger accounts we recommend strategies that utilize H1 time frame and above.

Download Super Profit Scalper Indicator – Click Here

Download SuperProfitScalper Indicator




  • Signal Accuracy
  • Ease of Use
  • Consistence in Average wins

Mike N
Mike N

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