EUR/USD picked on Monday after six consecutive sessions of falling off. A few analysts justify the difference of movement by frustrating economic data from the United States, but in certainty news were not particularly bad, especially the one regarding the housing market.

Individual income and expenditure had a rise in February. Individual income rose by 0.2% compared to the estimate 0.1%. Personal income expenditure rose 0.1% versus the anticipated 0.2%. The January’s numeric values were 0.5% and 0.1% accordingly. (Event A on the chart.)

Forthcoming home sales escalated 3.5% in February to the topmost level in exact seven months. That is in comparison to the predicted increase of 1.2%. The January’s adjustment was altered from -2.5% to -3.0%. (Event A on the chart.)

On Friday, an announcement on US GDP was liberated, showing increase by 1.4% in Q4 2015 according to the tertiary and final projection. That is distinguished to the preliminary examination of 1.0% and the Q3 growth by 2.0%. (Event B on the chart.)


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Mike N

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