Product Name: Tick Data Suite

Creator: Birt

Cost of purchase: $97 14 Days Trial (Then $10 per month)

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A tick data primarily gauge any upward or downward direction in the measure of guarantee. Or in simple words, it demonstrate us about an alternation in the price of a security. It demonstrate a trader the variations in pricing while dealing with securities.

Features of Tick Data

Some features of tick data are provided below ;

  1. Price Movement Indicators

Tick data is assigned to as price movement indicator. As it demonstrates certain alternations in price levels of security being exchanged. With the character of price movement implication, it can tell the trader when to invest his cash in securities ,and when is the right moment to withdraw it.

  • Tick data size Plan

A strategy was made known to widen the sizes of preffered stocks of securities is assigned to as tick data size plan. By enlarging the sizes of preffered stocks the market would become more usable. The aim of this step was to promote alternations regarding exchanging activities.

Types of Tick Data

The Tick data has minor types and they are explained below:

  1. Zero Minus Tick

In this classification of tick data, the securities are exchanged at the identical price as the previous exchange but the price would be lower. For some durationof time selling a stock short was not granted and short stocks having capability were enforced to pass via a tick examination. But after some period the stipulation was removed and now users are allowed to exchange short stocks.

  • Up Tick

It is also called a plus tick. As it make reference to the exchanging of security at approximately higher price than the preceding sale price.

  • Down Tick

Another name for this classification of tick data is downtick or minus tick. If security is exchanged on a lower price than preceding done an exchange of the identical security than it would be called as downtick.

4. Closing Tick

Another classification of tick data is closing tick in which contrast  in the midst of uptick and down tick is held in record. It is utilized by users as a technical indicator to illustrate stability or instability in the market.

5. Zero Plus Tick

If a stock is performed at the identical price as it was done preceding but at a higher price than closing exchange of different price than it is called as zero plus tick position.

As explained above every trader wants to put his hands on the best ready for use product.Tick Data suite is thought out as the best quality provider in association with all other products in the same niche. As it comprises multiple advantages and a wide range of characteristics. Creators of the product are also providing some extra services to the end-users which will provide some side benefit to the buyers.

The Final Verdict

After going through the available characteristics and advantages of the product we can conclude that Tick Data Suite is the most excellent product convenient in the market. Its variety of characteristics are making it well-known among customers.

With reviews of its achievements up till now, it is the most excellent available product of its type. The creators of the product are also providing a trial period so that the buyer can make certain that this product without a doubt works.

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