Product Name: Trader On Chart

System Type : MT4 automation software

Platform: Meta Trader 4

Product Price :59 Euros

Official Website: Click Here for Official Homepage

This is a system software found on the MT4 trading platform that enables a trader trade easily. Having the system on your PC can help you open 10 times faster by just one click. The system will therefore automatically calculate for you the stop loss, takeprofit and other money management settings according to your presetting’s.

Once you trade using MT4, you can install the system on it will take you less than 5 minutes only as the installation is not complicated. Using the system on your MT4, you can now preset your desired stop loss and take profit. Onto it all (presets) you can set your lot size in percentage (%), money or fixed lot size.

After you are done with your preset settings, you can now proceed to trade by opening a trade or placing pending orders by just one click. When you have set all your preset settings the Trade On Chart will proceed to calculate for you according to your desired settings.

Traders often use a tool called Smart Break which helps you to cover the expenses of commissions and swaps automatically. This means that if you don’t use this tool, you easily make losses from broker commissions and negative swap fees. Therefore, it’s best wise to use Smart Break whenever you are working using this system to enable you to bank more profits just to cover any expenses.

Merits of the system

The system automates money management processes, thatis, the level of risk exposure and lot size selection. It also helps traders to automate their frequent action regarding order preparation and execution.

The system provides high accuracy in calculations thus avoiding any mistakes made on order execution. It’s fast in that you only place orders by just one click which is either the red or green button, it, therefore, saves time when preparing orders and allows traders to focus exclusively on currency analysis. The system works all major currencies.


Easy to install on MT4 trading platform.

Has a lifetime license just for one account?

It also has a free software update for a whole one year only.

The system works on every Forex pair and as well on multiple charts.

They provide free customer services for any trader interested in enquiring more from them on websites and via email.

The Final Verdict

For most traders using MT4, you can affirm that using the platform is an excellent idea but it, however, has some demerits that enable it to risk money management. This calls for exactly one to install the Trade On Chart software on their MT4 platforms which calculates all the presets and enables you to avert any future losses. The system has money management controls by just one click thus working on lot size, takeprofit, risk exposure and stop loss. The system also can work with all brokers and maximize on profits stopping losses. Isn’t it interesting on how the system works so good, try it and you will concur with my idea about the system.

If you are searching for a semi-automated system with user-friendly instructions, we highly recommend Zenith Harmonic Pattern Scanner created by Mike N. Necessity for all traders, Zenith Harmonic Patterns Scanner offers a financial trader ideal set-ups for the trade. As well as control risk for the trader by identifying failed pattern.

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