Another amazing trend-catching week for the HLHB System, as it seized firm moves from EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

The Update for HLHB Trend-Catcher System

The EUR/USD was trading on a steady range at the beginning of the week but soon decreased strong after Uncle Sam reproduced dismal data and influenced risk aversion beyond the board. Fortunately, the HLHB System produced a purchase signal right ahead of the mid-week downtrend and generated enough pips to call off the fake-outs. By the end of the week, the system was increased by 69 pips from the pair.




Here is an additional trend-catching in real action! GBP/USD might not have the weird moves that EUR/USD witnessed last week, but there were lesser fake-outs from the pair to offset signal #3’s profits. The trade generated 104 pips, which resulted to a net profit of 102 pips by the end of the week. Excellent!


Generally I’m pretty pleased with the HLHB System’s accomplishment. Yet it’s performing pretty awesome as a trend-catcher in spite of the fake-outs that we witnessed in times of stiff volatility. Fingers transverse for a trendy week for the pair EUR/USD and GBP/USD!

Mike N
Mike N

Financial Trading Systems Design Expert

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