X-Brain Method Forex System in a trading strategy and formula built into a responsive software. It has easy to use templates suitable for scalpers, intra-day traders and long time frame traders. Once a select template is loaded onto a chart, buy or sell alerts are automatically generated, making it seamless for a trader from analysing charts to taking a trade.

X-Brain Method Forex System Software

Product: X-Brain Method Forex System

Product Type: Trade Alert Software/ Manual System

Price: USD 297

Official Site: xbrainforex.com

Merchant: Paypal

Trial: 7 Days money back guarantee

Demo Forward Test results: 98.5% accuracy

Broker (International Traders) XM.com

The other day, our friends at ElementFx shared with us their newly released system. The product goes by the name X-Brain Method Forex System. Folks at ElementFX are not new to creating winning forex products, we have reviewed some of them here, like the E-swing Jack Hammer (what a name, huh!). and many more.

Most of these software products range from $37 to $147.. but then the shocker came when X-Brain Method Forex System was launched. The price was pegged at $297, which is far much removed from the usual pricing on ElementFX products.

The strategy and formula is all built into the software, it automatically tells them when to buy and sell, they dont have to do anything. It comes with pre-made templates so all they need to do is load them and in an instant, it uses the best possible settings

X-Brain Method Forex System Templates

X-Brain Method Forex System Templates

so the Scalping template is for time frames M1-M5 and will show more signals. This is for traders who want more trades in a day

The Standard Template is for timeframes M15-H1 which will give intra-day signals and is recommended for most traders. It gives more than enough signals to be profitable

The Long Term Template is for time frames H4 to Monthly and is ideal for traders who want to make the most amount of profit in a single trade. There will be fewer signals but the signals that it gives will have a very high profit potential. Usually bankers and huge investors prefer this method


We highly recommend X-Brain Method Forex System as a trade assistant software suitable for every kind of trader. the software works on meta trader 4 and can trade any instrument on mt4. In view of the robust system, we also find the inbuilt strategies are agile with high winrate on all time frames and templates.

For any trader who can afford to invest $297 one-off, then X-Brain Method Forex System is the software to go for.

Download X-Brain Forex System for MetaTrader 4 – Click Here

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Mike N

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