Trade Command Center is a Forex Signal’s Service by the Tradeology team led by veteran Trader Toshko Raychev and his colleague, Adrian Jones. In this article we review this trade alert service so you can decide whether it suits your trading goals. There are also two free indicators and one strategy by Toshko R. available for Free Download Here

Trade Command Center Signals

Product: Trade Command Center
Main Trader: Toshko Raychev
Company: Tradeology, Adrian Jones et al
Product Type: Trade Calls Subscription
Price: 1st year subscription: $499 discounted on recurrent years.
Official Website: Click Here (opens in new tab)

Trade Command Center Software Review

Trade Comamand Center is a beautifully designed user interface that Immediately shows the valid signals for the day and hour when a trader logs in.

A trader can select their favourite pairs, timeframes and that’s what will be the signals displayed on the dashboard. This helps to deter over trading and one to save time when picking up trade signals instead of scouring through a ton of trade alerts to get a favorite.

The Dashboard also has Trading lessons, The Trade Command Center also doubles up as a trader’s resource center where Toshko R and Adrian J share content that helps traders from the bottom up. The lessons help understand the strategies behind the signals, this way a trader may not take signals blindly but they understand the logic as well.

Technical Analysis

Immediately below the trade calls, is the Technical Analysis that has a strength meter which eventually determine the trades win rate. You see, the strategies explained under lessons show how certain conditions must be met for there to be a trade signal. When 100% of the conditions are met, then the technical analysis meter will show a respective, strong buy/sell. when say 70 to 80% of the conditions are met, then this will just show a buy/sell. With the knowledge of the strategy one can decide to place a pending order. and the trade would trigger when conditions for a respective buy/sell take root.

The Trade Command Center Panel, also includes the Economic Calendar to show the key fundamentals that might affect the strength of certain pairs. Everyday there are economic news, and with the red and green lights a trader will be able to know what news to take into consideration more when trading what pairs. An event like the Non-farm payroll would have more weight on currency pairs, than news of a tech company announcing profits.

TCC Signals, Trader’s Suitability Verdict?

Most of the financial products launched nowadays will mostly meet the threshold of a decent product. But the question we encourage our readers to ask is: ‘how does this fit to my trading goals?’

You see, there are as many good strategies as there are traders.. and so are more fancier tools coming along every day. Would Trade Command Center be the kind of tool and service that you need at this juncture in your trading endeavor? Well, let’s explore and find out.. shall we?

There are five things that affect the success of a trader and we shall look into each and decide if TCC will work for you or not.

Five Keys of a Suitable Ecosystem to Trading Success

Time – TCC Signals are a time saver, a trader can login to the app or webpage and pick the signals on the go, this is suitable to use on a desktop as well as on a mobile phone. Verdict. Trade Command Center is a time saver by far.

Education – this is the most overlooked parameter among traders. pips and profits are easy to measure. But it’s hard to tell how disciplined a trader is and how consistently they follow the rules of a strategy. Trade Command Center has an education provision that will leave a trader better than when they joined. Verdict; Trade Command Center is a good place for trader to be better.

Performance – A reliable strategy that has withstood the test of time is second to none. Toshko Raychev, Adrian Jones and the Tradeology team has been in financial trading for nearly two decades now. Each time they have released a ‘blockbuster’ trading product that the sets the pace for other publishers to follow suit. When I interviewed Adrian on Skype regarding this product, he assured me the maturation of their experience in trading is summed up in the Trade Command Center. Again, TCC Signals platform scores an A+ in this respect. get a decent and innovative broker to go with that: Here is one

The Capital Growth vs Trade Profit Axis

Capital – Unbeknown to many traders, especially when they naively ask, what’s the winrate of a system. They rarely pay attention to how capital primarily and leverage secondarily affects their overall trading accounts. Trade Command Center Signals are suitable for small accounts. where a trader is encouraged to go for signals between 5mins and 60 minutes time frames. This allows traders to to open and close trades rapidly.. Where tiny profit accumulate fast to grow their capital. TCC Signals score great here for providing effective lower timeframe signals

Profit – Every trader loves sweet profit. With most traders starting with small to medium capital, TCC Signals provide growth to small accounts while generating huge profit to accounts with a decent capital.

Final Verdict: Trade Command Center by Toshko Raychev, Adrian Jones and Tradeology team is a sufficient ecosystem to support every trader to success. We therefore, definitely encourage you to consider it when you still can. Get it Now!

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