Weekend WireTap Review

Product: Weekend WireTaps
Main Trader: Lance Ippolito
Company: WealthPress, DTI

Product Type: Trade Calls Subscription
Price: $1,297 for one year
Official Website: Click Here (opens in new tab)

Recommended for traders; an amazing product for subscribers – seeing returns up to 87%, 206%, and even 350% all from entering a trade on a Friday afternoon and coming back to the chance of some stellar returns Monday morning! Here you also get some bonus tools

Understanding the Weekend WireTaps Alerts

In financial trading, most systems will advise one to trade on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as these are the days when the markets are concentrated with trading activities. Lance Ippolito, has worked in wall street for a considerable time of his career. He has learnt that majority of of listed companies issue their positive news towards the weeked.

The Newsworthy reports could be about earnings, patent approval, merger. Most of these announcements are made on Friday when most traders have closed shop. Come Monday Morning the positive news have since affected the share price and thats when late comers start to place their trade.

Weekend Wiretaps Alerts by Lance seek to offer a frontrunning news strategy. Lance’s strategy is two fold: one he identifies positive news about a listed company on Friday, Next with exclusive data he is able to tell if the hedgefunds are placing buy orders on the stock late on Friday. When this is confirmed a buy alert is issued and subscribers enter the trade. When markets open on Monday Morning the stock will start to rise in price and when the targets are hit the trade is closed on Monday before the trend reverses.

Who Should get Weekend WireTaps Stocks Alert Service?

Weekend Wiretaps is a supplementary trading strategy. For big gains exceeding 110% ROI, one wants to trade the major stocks and the news may not be too regular. On the other hand one can take alerts given for all kinds of stocks, even the minor ones that may minimal gains of 20-30%, this way a trader will have a regular income every weekend.

This service is suitable for part time traders. If you are a fulltime trader I would recommend having a separate trading account for this service. However, you take advantage of the additional options trading bonuses and trade full time.

Here are the bonuses on sign up

  • Options Pro Crash Course (short options trading course).
  • Live Weekend Wiretap Accelerator Class (live weekly webinar).
  • Protect Your Profits (special report).
  • Three months access to Lance’s “VIP Trade Room.”
  • A custom print Hawaiian shirt mailed to you (yes, really).

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