Product Name: Zero to Hero

Creator: Bert

Cost of purchase: $95 per Month ($195 / 3 month,$295 / 6 month or $495 / 12 month)

Signal Frequency: 4-10 per day

Official Website: Click Here for Official Homepage

Zero to Hero is a Forex signals site created and managed by a group of U.K.-stationed Forex traders. The website offers a paid exchanging signals subscription product, covering currency pairs and crosses. The price for the signals service is $97 monthly and it is likely to request a cost free 7-day trial. The product is what we call a “pure” signals service: it is about exchanging only, without including any educational materials, even though they do contemplate to add this type of information to their website at some forthcoming date.

Normally, the service offers between four and ten thorough Forex signals on each business days when main markets are accessible. The signals are frequently in the more main currency pairs and crosses, generally exchanging the main FX pairs such as, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, AUD/USD. They also exchange a few of the main pairs like EUR/JPY and EUR/GBP. They are specifically experienced in exchanging USD/JPY and EUR/JPY, so signals pertaining to these symbols are frequent.

Signals are delivered to end-users by both SMS and email. We investigated the service by subscribing membership for two weeks, which approximately overlapped with the second half of the month of July 2019. Even though we received a little less than a moderate of 4 signals per day, this was due to a reluctant summer market, and we appreciate of a signals product which does not “chase” a market needlessly. We were glad to find that the signals arrived immediately via both channels, without any interruptions or problems. The efficiency of the signals provided during the two-week time was as follows: 19 signals were provided, 1 of which was not set off. Of the remaining 18 signals, there were 10 winning exchanges and eight losing exchanges. We were briefed that these outcomes are a bit lower than normal but this still represents a positive outcome equal to a positive anticipation of 11% of the unit of uncertainty per exchange. Obviously, you can’t fully evaluate a signals service over less than twenty signals within duration of only two weeks, but the observed outcome was modest and promising.

The signals are positioned upon the elucidated interplay among short-term momentum and support and resistance levels. Zero to Hero intends to identify main medium-term areas of support and resistance zones and then pause for breaks of these zones with sufficient short-term momentum. We applaud of such a technique to the Forex market, where exchanging in line with short-term momentum turns to be a vital component of a successful technical exchanging strategy.

The Final Verdict

As mentioned earlier, there are two standout techniques presented by Zero to Hero that are worth observing in detail. Foremost, the service offers a cost free 7-day trial which can actually give end-users an understanding of how the system works. Not every signals company provides a free trial, and we find it a very desirable offering as it allows end-users to examine not only if the system works, but if the technique works for their distinct needs.

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