The Positive US Report Decline to Boost the US Dollar

Most of the USA macroeconomic indexes announced today was satisfying but they decline to boost the US dollar. Thus, the EUR/USD was trading to the edge.

Housing starts and building permits increased in April. Housing starts were at the regularly modified annual estimate of 1.17 million, up from 1.10 million during the month of March and distinguished to the average prediction of 1.12 million. Building permits were at the regularly altered estimate of 1.12 million, in alignment with anticipations and up from 1.08 million the previous month. (Event A on the chart.)

CPI increased 0.4% in April. The progress was rapid than the anticipated 0.3% and the March’s 0.1%. (Event A on the chart.)

Industrial production and capacity utilization expanded last month. Production increased 0.7% after decreasing 0.9% the month prior (adjusted, the decrease had been 0.6% before the modification), thrashing the anticipated rise by 0.3%. Capacity utilization rose from 74.9% to 75.4%, surpassing the forecasts’ projection of 75.1%. (Event B on the chart.)

The Positive US Report Decline to Boost the US Dollar

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