Today you’ll learn about the Best Forex Strategy Ever so you can confidently approach the markets with expectations of guaranteed profit. Majority of traders fail, because when they make a losing trade, it casts doubt if indeed they are using a Forex Strategy that Actually Works.

The Best Forex Trading System in the World

Does such a system exist?

Do you even remotely believe it does exist?

It’s like a child asking, what’s the best car in the world.

But we can have the safest car, the fastest car, the most spacious car in a certain class and so on..

The same case applies to forex. There are as many successful trading systems as there are traders.

There can never be a one size fits all trading system and here is why..

The Most Successful Forex Trading Strategy consists of 70% Psychology of trader and 30% Mechanical system.

As you can see, quite a large portion consists of the ability of a trader.. than the system being used to trade..

Trading Psychology

Think of two twins, whereas they share the same circumstances of birth.. Each twin has unique ability, desire, passion and perspectives.

Trading is no different. No two traders have the same amount of trading capital, time to trade,  goals, desires, zeal and most importantly the risk appetite is unique to each trader.

Effects of Trading Psychology in achieving the Best Forex Strategy (Example)

For example if you had a system that has 120% returns per year and 80% draw down do you think such a system would be attractive to all traders? Let’s dissect

Returns – 120% of $100K is $220K while 120% of  $1,000 is  $2,200.

A trader who makes a $120K a year trading and the one who makes $1,200 a year trading.. are they comparable?

Would their needs and wants be met the same way? of course NOT.. this proves the point a system is as good as the trader..

 Draw down – Draw down is the potential loss of Invested capital. At 80% drawdown, therefore means that the $100K investor could potentially lose $80,000 in the year to make a return of $120K net profit..

I don’t know many traders in real life who can stomach such levels of potential loss.

A trader who invests $1,000 when they are $300 down of their capital.

You find their hands are already sweating.. calling brokers all kind of names and labeling everyone in the industry as a scammer.

As you can see one great system to Trader A could be Poison to Trader B.

There you have it…

You cannot escape the reality that, the Best Forex Trading Strategies are Revealed on a Forex Traders Journey.

The fact that you are reading this Expert Article shows you are on the right path. The desire to improve as a trader  pays off sooner in a great way.

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Best Forex Strategy Ever

Best Forex Strategy Ever

Finally, A successful forex strategy is more than a bundle of Indicators.

It’s who you become as a trader

Its a journey that requires commitment, self learning and high energy.

Any self educated and disciplined trader can take an average system and generate profits consistently.

Whereas a trader who lacks discipline can make serial losses with best trading system known.

Trading System Design Architect

From today going forward, you have a new title.

You are no longer a newbie or a wannabe trader.

You are on a Journey as a trader to design a system that:

  1. Suits your personality
  2. Matches your goals and desire

The Best Forex Strategy Ever, is one that Works for you and suits your unique situation.

Whereas all traders are after making return on investment we can broadly classify a traders goals in two:

  1. Capital Growth – If a trader has a micro account, the trader’s goal should be to grow the capital base
  2. Profit – When a trader has a fairly large account, they may trade to withdraw profits.

Forex Strategy Secret

On another note, this goes for advanced traders. A currency pair is NOT a market, a single pair is.

Consequently, EURUSD pair is a tag of TWO markets. A study of independent markets is required so that a trader can decide how to trade the pair. In addition, traders are recommended to analyze each market with a Currency Meter Indicator

Feel free to use the comment form below and share your experience as a trader. Share tips and challenges to uplift our community.

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Mike N
Mike N

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