The EUR/USD had commenced a strong session after 9:00 GMT but has forfeited it after the monetary policy session of the European Central Bank. (Event A on the chart.) Now, market attendants’ concentrate on the next week’s session of the Federal Reserve and a few of the forecasters claim that the Fed may be more persuasive than what traders are predicting. US report was not that amazing today (with the exception of unemployment claims), but it did not restrain the dollar from executing a bounce against the Euro.

Philadelphia Fed manufacturing ratio dropped from 12.4 in March to -1.6 in April. Analysts had anticipated a much less decrease to 8.1. (Event A on the chart.)

Initial unemployment claims decreased from 253k to 247k the previous week while forecasters had predicted a rise to 265k. (Event A on the chart.)

Leading index increased 0.2% in March, less than analysts had guaranteed (0.4%). The February account was adjusted from 0.1% down to -0.1%. (Event B on the chart.)

The EUR USD Eliminate Profits After ECB Meeting

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Mike N

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