The main topic of Thursday’s trading period was the monetary policy report from the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve provided no amazement, holding its policy fixed and granting no particular clues about its intentions for the future. The EUR/USD was actually elusive shortly after the incident but steadied rapidly and dragged mostly sideways later, still with an upward bent.

Pending home purchases increased 1.4% in March from the descending improved February level after a rise of 3.4% in the last released period. The real profit was tremendous than 0.3% anticipated by forecasters. (Event A on the chart.)

US crude oil inventories profited by 2.0 million barrels the previous week, illustrating almost the same ratio of progress as in the week ahead. The median prediction assured any smaller improvement by 1.4 million. Total motor gasoline inventories rose by 1.6 million barrels. (Event B on the chart.)

FOMC made no effects to its monetary policy, reaching its market expectations. (Event C on the chart.) The chamber removed the important part about comprehensive risks from its report, though it declared that worldwide developments remain among things to regard in making decisions concerning the monetary policy. Overall, the attitude of the statement looked definite. However, FOMC restated that it anticipates only steady pace for monetary constrict:

The Committee

The EUR USD Increases After The  Federal Reserve Holds Interest Rates Fixed

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