Product Name: Rapid Trend Gainer

Creator: Karl Dittmann

Cost of purchase: $87

Timeframe: M15, M30, H1, H4 and D1

Official Website: Click Here for Official Homepage

Rapid Trend Gainer Forex indicator is just one of the abundant products that Karl Dittman has created. The purpose why we’ve resolved to write about  Rapid Trend Gainer Forex indicator is as a result of it’s hosted on a extravagant landing page, and this is appealing to many traders to the site. Maybe Karl has just figured a means to drive crazy traffic to his websites since all his sites are quite popular.

The website constitutes the deception that Rapid Trend Gainer is the solely Forex indicator you’ll require when you’re looking to considering between 200-300 pips gain per day. Is this even realistic? And can Rapid Trend Gainer assure that we’ll make these pips on a regular and persistent basis?

Obviously, Rapid Trend Gainer site allegations that this is viable with their secret yet cutting-edge trading algorithm. The precise trading algorithm is not disclosed. Furthermore, there is no clarification on how this Forex indicator works to obtain those pips. Yes, the website has a few screenshots here and there. But these screenshots don’t disclose the precise trading technique. Karl alleges that when the indicator says ”Buy or Sell, just follow the guidelines and you will marvelously generate up to 300 pips on a routine basis.

Karl Dittman is famous for channeling out plenty of Forex indicators. We have never heard any buyer recommending his products. The only thing we have observed and hear are complaints from folks who lost cash while utilizing his indicators.

Rapid Trend Gainer is not going to be an exemption in view of it utilizes the very same idea and display that other scam indicators by Karl have utilized.

Reality be told. When someone alleges that they have a Forex indicator that generates between 200-300 pips per day, the perfect question you could ask them is why they are not utilizing that program to make cash for themselves. This is the query we’ve asked in the back of our minds. This is a query we’d like to address to Karl Dittman as he seems to be very promising with this product, just the same way he has been promising with his other scam programs.

His name has been spoiled generally as a result of his trading indicators don’t generate cash. They do the opposite. Many buyers have expressed their discouragements about his products. Without any doubt there must be some honesty to these complaints.

The Final Verdict

We looked their FAQ and what we found was that this was a generic site template utilized by thousands of other get-rich quick scams on the internet.

Yes, the querys look very common as they’ve been copy-pasted into this part of the website.

Moreover, Karl has never presented any proof to advocate that Rapid Trend Gainer Forex indicator has a track record of generating 200-300 pips on a daily basis.

Moreover, Rapid Trend Gainer Forex indicator does not have any reputation. If it was that good, traders would be screaming all over the internet praising it.

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