The Daily pivot points.ex4 indicator can be utilized to establish several exchanging strategies. The Daily pivot points.ex4 indicator is utilized as a standalone indicator.

This is an intraday technique which focuses to exchange off the blue pivot, performing either as a support or resistance, relying upon where price is originating from.


1. The Daily pivot points.ex4 indicator with default setting is the only MetaTrader 4 indicators utilized.

2. The recommended time frame for utilizing the technique is one hour.

3. Applicable on any endorsed trading sessions.

4. The trading strategy can be utilized on any currency pairs.

The Strategy

The indicator highlights pivot points which will serve as ranges of support and resistance. Of distinguish interest the blue pivot borderline. This is the borderline which will be utilized as a resistance or support, allowing the forex trader to purchase or auction the currency pair accordingly.

Purchase Instance


Purchase Entry Rules

Initiate a purchase entry rules when the following conditions are observed:

1. Price bar takes off from the blue pivot borderline. Frequently, the prior bar would have ended on top of this line, so the important to the exchange is to pause for a possibility of pullback to this borderline. This is the situation observed in the chart.

2. The breakout bar ends well on top of the blue borderline, so it would be best to pause for a pullback before the purchase entry. A more suitable entry would be a purchase limit exchange, utilizing the price at the price at the blue pivot as the purchase entry price.

3. For the stop-loss of the purchase entry, position five to thirty pips beneath the blue borderline on which exchange entry is established.

Take-Gain for Purchase Entry

Initiate a take-gain or exit when the following conditions are observed:
1. The side by side pivot line on top of the blue pivot (the yellow pivot) is the first TP point. Nevertheless, if the price bar’s move is so strong as to break this borderline and end on top of it, then the side by side pivot on top becomes the new gain aim. This is the situation observed on the chart.
2. If the side by side pivot aim is broken by price action, you can utilize a trailing stop to safeguard gains and follow the exchange to the proximate pivot area.

Auction Entry Rules

To initiate an auction entry rule, we observe to exchange price movement downwards from the blue pivot line.

1. Frequently, price would have broken the blue pivot borderline previously. Let the price action to pull back to the blue pivot.

2. A more suitable exchange entry in this situation is an auction limit trade. This established utilizing the blue pivot as the starting price.

3. For the stop-loss of the auction entry, position five to thirty pips on top of the intraday short borderline.


Take-Gain for an Auction Entry

The take-gain strategy on a short placement should be to utilize the pivot borderlines beneath the blue pivot.

1. Normally, the 1st pivot borderline beneath the blue pivot is the first take-gain aim.

2. Occasionally, the movement may be firm and will break that pivot. In this chart above, the pivot was broken by firm bearish shift, so the side by side pivot is utilized as the second take-gain aim.

Danger-SignUtilize this strategy at your own risk. cannot be responsible for any losses associated with utilizing any strategy presented on the site. It’s not recommended to utilize this strategy on the real account without testing it on demo first.



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