Equiti Forex Trading broker is in a class of the coveted 1% Honest Forex Brokers. And here is why:

First off, this is not your usual Forex Broker Review – Am going to reveal to you some shocking information that will make you question your entire forex trading experience.

As a financial trader, you need a balanced Eco-system to truly succeed in the long term. Having a good trading system with access to capital are not the only things you need. A solid forex broker is key.

For over a decade, as a financial trading systems design expert, I have worked with hedgefunds, financial institutions, high net-worth financial investors and more.

In the last couple of months I have worked directly with brokers and I have learnt shocking information.

Wait for it..

“Did you know that up to 98% of Forex Brokers, even big brands that you least expect DO NOT have liquidity to settle buy and sell orders from their clients?”

What does this mean .. you ask? Eeh?

It means your broker is NOT a forex broker but a platform allowing fellowship of traders who play each other on their back office.. In short its a betting firm.

For example if a ‘forex broker’ has 1M clients and each ‘trader’ has an average deposit of USD 500. That’s a total of 500M capitalization. this means if you have a group X of traders shorting 5 lots on EURUSD and another group Y of traders in the basket going long with 5 Lots on EURUSD when one group loses the other takes the gains and ‘the house’ takes their commission from both groups as they close trades”

the broker therefore grows by enticing old clients to make new deposits and recruiting new traders with enticing offers and incentives

Above is a simplistic way of describing it for every reader.. But as a system designer I know it gets more complex and very hard to detect.

Introducing Equiti Global Markets Forex Trading Company

Broker: Equiti Global Markets

Parent Company: Divisa Group [UK]

Regulator: Financial Conduct Authority [UK]

Whereas Equiti has been in existent as brand since 2015, The parent company Divisa capital has been in existence since 2007 providing Specialized financial services provider of bespoke. Forex and CFD liquidity to institutions and professional traders. FCA REGULATED MULTI-ASSET ECN. INSTITUTIONAL LIQUIDITY. PB Credit Relationships Maker/Taker facilities. No-Last-Look pools. OXO global orderbook. NY4/LD4 and more..

This therefore means that Equiti Global Markets is a TRUE Forex Trading Broker who have access to liquidity and therefore able to trade Forex Spot directly with institutional banks.

Innovative and customer oriented

Equiti are one of the first brokers to offer liquidity & margin trading using Currenex Viking & Classic platforms along with native MT4 bridge to improve trading conditions for brokers.

With growing popularity of the Metatrader4 platform, the Group began offering White Label services via a newly established tech division in 2010.

The result was reduced barriers of entry for smaller brokers who immediately benefited from their expertise and infrastructure in platform administration.

The Group innovated again partnering with PrimeXM technologies to adopt their MT4 Bridging and Xcore technologies. This partnership allowed us to further optimise trading conditions for clients by launching localised matching engines in Equinix NY4, LD4 and TY3 locations.

Some may not understand the technical jargon here, but the bottom line is Equiti has made a significant contribution to the trading arena which has made trading easier for all brokers.

Financial Conduct Authority [FCA] Regulations Benefits

In case an FCA regulated broker go bankrupt, its clients are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Forex traders are entitled to receive 100% the first £30,000 + 90% of the next £20,000, but no more than £50,000 in total.

An FCA regulated broker that is customer oriented is the gold standard for a preferred forex trader..

  • Equiti requires a minimum of USD 500 to open a trading account.
  • 1:500 margin
  • They accept traders Globally
  • They Accept US Citizens living outside the United States.
  • The offer education to traders and dedicated account managers
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Equiti Global Markets

Equiti - A True Forex Trading Broker





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  • Customer Oriented
  • Customer Education
  • Stability & Regulatory Ecosystem
  • Honest Broker
  • Intuitive Technology

Mike N
Mike N

Financial Trading Systems Design Expert

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