Learn about Forex Third Altic Indicator, one of the most sought after indicators by Dominic of ForexOBroker. As you make a buying decision you may want to know if this tool fits your trading goals at this point in time and whether its worth your time.

Forex Third Altic IndicatorProduct: Forex Third Altic Indicator

Product Type: Indicator (MT4)

Time Frame: M5 and Daily

Strategy: Price Action

Best Pairs: EUR, USD and JPY crosses

Price: USD 37.00

Author: Dominic Walsh, Forexobroker

Official Site: CLICK HERE(opens in new tab)

Merchant: Paypal/JVZoo

Trial: 60 Days money back guarantee and You keep the Indicator

Demo Forward Test results: 73% accuracy on Conservative Mode – (minimum mathematical winrate to guarantee profit should be equal or higher than 63%)

Recommended Broker (International Traders) PepperStone

BONUS: Price Prediction Strategy Video “TAP HERE..

Forex Third Altic Indicator Overview

Forex Third Altic Indicator is built on a price action strategy which means all trade predictions are based on price targets minimizing chances for repaint signals.

The strategy identifies resistance and consolidation areas based on Donchian breakouts and price patterns.

This tool is therefore suitable for scalpers, intraday and swing traders working on meta trader 4.

Dominic and his team at ForexOBroker sent us a review copy of Forex Third Altic Indicator a couple of weeks back.

the package has an indicator trendalt_Alert.ex4, a template thirdaltic.tpl and a user guide Forex-Third-Altic-Indicator.pdf. The userguide is pretty straight forward on how to go about installation and setting up trades.

How to Enter and Exit Trades with Forex Third Altic Indicator

Go Long (BUY):

The long signal occurs when a canal is opened from the area below the zero line to the area above zero

In other words, when all the three trend lines cross the zero at the same time.

Go Short (SELL):

The short signal occurs when a canal is opened from the area above the zero line to the area below zero

In other words, when all the three trend lines cross the zero at the same time.


Exit rules:

Exit trade when indicators first line turns against your trade direction. Trailing stop can also be applied.

NB: There are plenty of images on the userguide on how to enter, exit and manage trade signals generated by Forex Third Altic Indicator.

Our Thoughts

Forex Third Altic Indicator has a user difficulty of easy to medium. It’s suitable for manual traders who prefer to get good trade recommendations and still take control of when to enter and exit trades.

We recommend users to use FTA Indicator is a primary way to get signals but also use other existing methods to confirm trade signals before entering and exiting the market.

for example one can use Exponential Moving Average (EMA) to filter false signals especially during major news days like the Non-Farm payroll Fridays..


Download FTA Indicator

Download Forex Third Altic Indicator - Click Here





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