Zenith Trend Scanner is not the usual indicator or EA with alerts. Zenith Trend Scanner presents a new way of trading where a trader is not bound to one pair or market. Zenith Trend Scanner identifies the best pairs at a given time that have the highest profit potential.

Zenith Trend ScannerProduct: Zenith Trend Scanner

Product Type: Trade Signals System (MT4)

Time Frame: All time frames

Strategy: Trend Following

Best Pairs: All Forex Pairs, Commodity, Precious Metals, Stocks and Options

Price: USD 97.00/ Month

Author: Mike N. & Reza M.

Official Site: CLICK HERE(opens in new tab)

Merchant: Avangate

Trial: Free Signals

System Expectancy: 89% to 96% accuracy on Conservative Mode – (minimum mathematical winrate to guarantee profit should be equal or higher than 63%)

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Zenith Trend Scanner Overview

The Zenith Trend Scanner Package includes the following files:

  1. Zenith_Trend_Scanner_Userguide.PDF
  2. Zenith_Trend_Scanner.exe

The system works for any market and time frames, However,  Higher Time Frames H1, H4 and D1 are recommended.

Installation is plug ‘n’ play and installs in all MetaTrader platforms in a users PC.

License: Each Zenith Trend Scanner installation requires a license that is automatically generated when a purchase is completed. The package will work on a maximum of 3 broker accounts at any given time.

You may always change accounts within the three slots given.. this way you are not limited to only trading on one broker account or when a demo account expires you may always link another account.

Generating Trade Signals with Zenith Trend Scanner

Zenith Trend Scanner is an MT4 Dashboard system where you can select the pairs you wish to trade.. select the desired time frames and by one click the system will use inbuilt algorithms and math calculations to identify trending pairs and where suitable give trading signals with the highest profit potential.

Zenith Trend Scanner Dashboard

From the dashboard above, we have six (6) pairs which has high profit signals. You can open a trade by one click by clicking the buy/sell button on respective pair.

The beauty of this system is.. it allows for profits to run as soon as you open a trade..

There are Three (3) profit targets, if you had opened 1 lot per trade.. on hitting profit target 1. half(0.5) of the lot is closed.. the next half (0.25) is closed at target two(2) and the final 0.25 lot is closed.

this is the most intelligent way of trading as of this writing that a trader can have.. which ensures that maximum profit is milked while distributing risks by splitting trade orders.

Zenith Trend Scanner GBPNZD

If you want to learn more on how the signals are generated you may click “view chart”  a pair chart like the one shown above will appear. It will show all recent trader alerts on that pair.

Here is how to interpret the charts:

  • Red Downward Arrow : Sell Signal
  • Green X – Stop loss
  • Yellow Tick – Take profit
  • Blue Upward arrow – Buy Signal

If you are a trader who has existing trading strategies you can compare these signals with your strategy and probably come up with a strategy that is more refined and suits your unique situation.

Our Thoughts on Zenith Trend Scanner

Zenith Trend Scanner is the ideal trading system for every manual trader. whether they are starting out.. somewhere in between or out right trading pros.

If your bottom line is to make profit consistently then this is the system to go for.

There are a ton of other advanced features that you’ll learn from the 25 page user guide but even without ever exploring the advanced features, your trading is already a going concern

Disclaimer: Zenith Trend Scanner is a sister product to this review website and we may be biased in our review. In this respect we have negotiated a permanent 50% Discount on initial purchase and any recurrent payments thereafter.

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PS: If you are tired of using new trading systems, robots and indicators then Zenith Trend Scanner gives you the final solution to really settle and FOCUS on a trading solution that gives consistent profit month to month

  • Intuitive
  • Does NOT repaint
  • Strength Accuracy
  • Ease of use
  • Consistence in Average wins

Mike N
Mike N

Financial Trading Systems Design Expert

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