Many people wonder why organizations, companies or even countries favor to trade in the foreign exchange markets rather than their own domestic market. To comprehend this exceptional of business and its logic better, let’s beginning with a simple definition of both the domestic as well as the foreign exchange markets.

Domestic market is a centralized market of a single country at which point trading is positioned on the demand and supply of goods, services and securities of that particular country. Foreign exchange markets, commonly described as “Forex markets” acknowledge an entity to exchange in other countries taking advantage of the currencies of the countries.

Companies, organizations, even countries exchange in currencies to meet their necessity, making foreign exchange markets the largest monetary market in the planet. The entities profit based on the flow of costs either upward or downward. In situation, when purchasing takes places and the prices are stunning upward, profits are formed. This is described as go LONG.  In situation, when auctioning is taking place and the price is stunning downwards, profits are formed again. This is described as go SHORT.

Domestic market is limited to a specific country, thus restricting the chances of venture. It has a confined market size.  Foreign exchange market acknowledge ventures in other countries, leading to expansions, exposure to other labor cultures, rise in the market range, and thus unavoidably resulting to internal growth. The Foreign exchange market is also elastic in the magnitude of the deals, based on the efficiency and potential of the trader. It could be definitive, small or even large making it a satisfying mode of trading even for a small-scale trader.

Another significant visible feature is that a trader only requires locking 0.2% of his trading amount at any point of period for margins With 1:500 bargaining chip. This locked trading amount is described as the acceptable faith deposit and it is on a short-lived basis. In trading with a definitive lot amount of say $100,000 the real locked volume is only $200 (0.2% of $100,000)

One of most important visible feature of the Foreign exchange market is that anyone can precisely exchange online without the necessity of intermediary. Occasionally no trading pay or duty is obtained when trading is done on the web. The brokers benefit of the spread.

The Foreign exchange market works progressively, even if the market is locked in one part of the universe, it is continuing in the other part. It takes advantage of the time distinction between countries to insure, that trading happens throughout. The only omissions would be during weekends, making it viable to exchange anytime anywhere.

The Foreign exchange market is entirely decentralized; there is no “one office” or “one location” thus assisting in expanding the work power, reconstructing the work culture, reconstructing the skill set in each country to a standardize global level. It also assists in incorporation of individual trends, cultures, forecasts of each country into a massive overall view of all the countries in the universe.

The Foreign exchange markets assist countries in taking urgent steps to ease financial issues by taking advantage of the aid granted by other countries or agencies either via purchase or credit.

What makes foreign exchange market valuable and much superior to the domestic market is its capability to adapt, absorb and progress establishing the whole universe in view, as a single entity with extensive opportunities for improvements, growth, expansions and thus creating one enormous universal family!

Mike N
Mike N

Financial Trading Systems Design Expert

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